Week Five Summary

This week was my week, audio, and I had a blast doing the assignments and listening to the radio as well as the videos we were instructed to watch. I found the information from the videos to be really eye opening. We really don’t realize how important sound truly is to the experience of life and story. Audio plays a large role in our lives. Its honestly the most important thing in film and in stories because it really fleshes out scenes and events. From background music to sound effects it all enhances the experience of story.

Luckily for me I already had audacity and logic installed and I am familiar with both software’s.  I was able to really experiment with audio this week due to me being able to bypass the whole learning curve of audio software.

This weeks daily creates were really fun and engaging. I had a fun time incorporating film and music with my posts as well as mixing and matching certain things. The link that goes way more depth about those daily creates can be found here.

The Radio bumper activity was really fun and engaging. It was fun brainstorming ideas for what I would say and how I would say it. That bumper can be found here.

The assignments this week were really fun and creative as I created a song using sound effects and used sound files to create a new sound effect which I interpret as a Star Wars Laser.Both of these activities I had a ball doing and I think all three turned out to be very unique and creative. Overall I am happy with how they all turned out.

This week we were also instructed to listen to the ds106 radio show and I had a great time tuning in. Especially on long road trips to soccer games. The review of the shows can be found here.

The last assignment and probably my favorite assignment I did was the create a story using sound effects. I genuinely had a great time doing this. I spent a great deal of time looking through different files trying to find the perfect sounds I needed to tell my story. I ended using this assignment to incorporate my character into as I wanted to flesh out his back story more and this was the perfect opportunity. The link to the audio file and blog post can be found here.

To top off the week we had to brainstorm different ideas about our radio programming and I think I came up with two solid ideas that I think would make for an interesting thirty minute radio segment. A more detailed brainstorm can be found here.

Overall I loved this weeks focus on audio. I previously took several audio creating and editing classes and this allowed me to apply what Ive learned to my assignments. I loved being able to create and edit new types of audio and really enjoyed being able to tell stories solely through audio. Honestly this was the best week yet and I look forward to incorporating more audio in future assignments.

Listening to Podcasts

This week we were instructed to listen in on the ds106 radio program. I was able to listen to a few of them and I overall enjoyed it. I typically listened to it in my car driving to my soccer games. I actually found myself enjoying them a lot more then my music. I think audio plays a large role in how we as people interpret and comprehend certain things. I felt several different emotions for each show based on what I was hearing. Overall I enjoyed listening in and I am excited to see what ideas are brainstormed for future installments.

Brainstorm Ideas for Radio Podcast

I think to keep in tradition with what the class is doing the topic for our radio show should focus on myths and legends. I personally love sports and am fascinated by sports lore and legends. I think it would be fun to discuss different events in sports with specific lore behind how they happened. An example would be different sports rumors and curses, these are very big in the world of sports. Another idea would be doing a thirty minute podcast on our created characters. Basically telling the story about how they came to be and what they’re all about. This would be sorta like a documentary type of podcast. Overall I think these two ideas could work one would allow us to speak on different topics in the world of legends and myths and the other would allow us to flesh out our character more.

Sound Effect Story

For this assignment I wanted to interoperate my created character Rocket Richard. For this particular task I had to create a story using only sound effects. For this I used the suggested free sound website to grab my audio files. I ended up creating the scene of Rocket Richards Father’s death. In my story Rocket father dies in a car crash and I wanted to recreate that the best I could. I used a lot of sad sound files that I thought represented death. I also tried making it a little creepy. I used audacity for the assignment and overall had a great time creating it. I think it turned out fairly well.

Week Five Daily Creates

For this weeks daily creates I created three interesting posts on twitter consisting of videos, pictures and mashups. This weeks daily creates was probably my favorite because I was able to interoperate film and my passions into the posts.

Daily Create 1: This was an indication of when I was born. I decided to post a popular film poster from that year which is why I selected Bad Boys as my post. BTW it came out in 1995.

Daily Create 2: This was my favorite from this weeks daily creates. I had to combine a story and a band name to create a new combo of the two. For this I combined my favorite novel with one of the most popular bands of all time. I give you “KISS IT”.

Daily Create 3: For this create I filmed something I am addicted to. If any of you are like me you know how important video games are. I love playing and watching YouTube on my Xbox One and I always find myself on it when I’m bored or its late at night.

Radio Bumper

This is my attempt at the radio bumper(station identification) assignment. For this I created a audio file on audacity that is roughly 25 seconds long. I wanted to add some nice background music that played alongside the radio bumper. It took me awhile to figure out what I was going to say or how I would say it. I finally settled on just promoting the show and then adding in an ice little fake sponsor to add a little realism to the bumper. Its short, sweet and simple. I had a fun time while working on it and it really got me brainstorming on the thirty minute radio show. Hope you enjoy the short little bumper.

Sound Effect Song

For this assignment I had to create or find sound effects and then turn the audio files into a song. This assignment was really challenging for me because I found it hard to mix and mash audio files together to create a enjoyable song. I decided to keep with the film genre for this specific assignment. I wanted to find clips of sound effects from film and then combine them with a slow instrumental in order to create a odd genre of music. I guess this could be considered techno however I’m not really sure. I used effects from a variety of films including Star Wars, IT, hockey clips and basically any recent film or clip I recently viewed. I used audacity to create this audio and used a lot of reverb and base distortion.  I think it turned out fairly well and I enjoyed creating it so I hope you enjoy it.

Distorting a Noise to Sound Like Lasers

For this assignment I was instructed to create or manipulate an audio file in a way that would distort it, basically making it sound like something totally and completely different. I was watching Star Wars on Netflix while looking through assignments and while watching I was listening to the sound effects that really enhance the scenes. While listening I had the idea that I could create a similar style of sound using logic pro. For this I used a speech sample and then using the different tools on Logic I completely distorted it into sounding like a laser or some form of space tool. This wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be since I already had experience with audio distortion and logic and it was basically like riding a bike, you never forget. Overall I am happy with the outcome and might even use it in the sound effect story assignment. Hope you enjoy this awesome laser noise.

PhotoBlitzer and Weekly Summary

For this assignment we were tasked with taking photographs during a 20 minute period. We were given prompts and then instructed to take a photo representing said prompt. The overall experience and assignment was fun and really made me feel like a mad man on a mission to capture awesome pictures, limited to my house however. Down below are the several photos I took over the course of roughly 20 plus minutes. I will provide the prompt for each photo.

When I started the assignment.

An item that makes me feel old.

Zooming in on a light to give it a blinding effect.

A shadow of something, you aren’t suppose to be able to make out what it is.

A door handle and knob.

An action figure in action.

My study habits.

My Nose.

An object hidden in a group of others.

Representing Death.

My favorite color.

Something Wooden.

Something Blue.

Something connected.

Final time stamp.

Overall this was a fun and engaging activity and I had a great time doing it. It was challenging sometimes to find Items and objects that represented the prompts given. In the end I think it turned out extremely well.

Weekly summary: This week was an interesting one. I read a bunch of new material on photography and how one can become a better photographer. The information was informative and I took a lot away from the material. That summary on the readings and how I apply photography to myself can be found here. In addition to the readings I also analyzed the Film It and took screenshots from scenes and analyzed them and how they related to certain terms and techniques in the world of photography and the previous readings. That post can be found here.

I also used my character in a collage activity which I had an awesome time doing so. I scavenged online to find photos that represented my hockey playing vigilante. That collage can be found here. In addition to that I completed three visual assignments this week. One in which I told one of my favorite stories ever using five photos that depicted the series of events. That post can be viewed here. The second activity was taking a photo of something that appeared myth like and odd. I took a photo of my cat and made it seem as though it was a picture of Bigfoot. That interesting post can be found here. The final activity I discussed my future dream car and current car of my created character. I discussed why the car appealed to me and why my character uses said vehicle. Come view Rockets Car here.

I also completed three daily creates this week.The first daily create was taking a photograph of old memes, before cellphones became a huge thing. I decided a calculator created the best memes in the age of no tech. That post can be found here.

The second Daily create was talk like a pirate day. I decided to post a quote from my favorite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, arr. That post can be found here.

The final daily create was recording a creepy sound. I was at the gym during this and thought the treadmill I was running on made a strange creepy noise when elevated at a certain height. I captured the creepiness and that can be found here.

Overall the week was fun, engaging and creative. I had a fun time incorporating my character and even found myself enjoying the daily creates. I am looking forward to week five which is my groups week, audio.

Car Lust

Growing up my family, mostly my dad and grandfather, have been obsessed with cars. I remember visiting car museums and always being fascinated by the vehicle industry. My dad growing up had a 1971 Chevelle SS and he loooooved that car. He eventually sold it when he started a family and to this day he speaks fondly of his previous vehicle. At the time I do not have the money to afford such a dream car but, Rocket Richard who is a professional hockey player does. So I like to think that this is the car Rocket has. Batman has the Bat-mobile and Rocket has a 1971 Chevelle SS.

Here in all its glory is Rockets 1971 Chevelle SS, his vigilante crime fighting machine.