Radio Show Progress: Completion

This week my entire focus was on studying for exams and completing my group podcast assignment. Last week found my group planning and organizing meeting times, recording times and the overall theme of our show. This week we finally met together as a group on Wednesday afternoon and finalized our script as well as planned how the recording would work. The overall meeting went really well and enjoyed being able to put faces to names. During the meeting we all discussed ideas about the overall concept of our show and how we would incorporate our characters. We settled on a show the was themed as a group therapy session in which all of our characters were in a room discussing their backstories. Somehow Drake and I started the idea of gnomes being drug lords and how my character, who fights crime, could interact with his character, a gnome. Thursday night I started the recording of my lines, which I did on audacity. We had a group document which had the script as well as each of our soundcloud links. The idea was for all of us to record on our own time and then post our files on our soundcloud’s which Drake would then download, edit and compile everything into one file. The whole recording process I found easy and it didn’t take me too long, the script writing was probably the most time consuming because I was trying to get into the mind of my character and talk how he would. After my lines were recorded I created my commercial which was a PSA announcement about gnomes, think SPCA. This ended up being my favorite part of the assignment. Overall I found the process fun and engaging. I enjoyed being able to work with such a cool and organized group and I think the final project ended up being very well made, kudos to Drake. I look forward to doing hopefully more group work and I hope everyone enjoys our radio show.

Link to show here.

Week 8 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were somewhat challenging to complete, much of everything this week was challenging. I had several exams and a radio podcast to work on so finding time to do daily creates was sometimes hard. I ended up completing two daily creates, one was a look into the future in which the Washington Capitals repeat as Stanley Cup Champions and the other was a glimpse into what the world would look like if dogs used computers.