Week 9 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates seemed very Halloween themed, as a majority of them dealt with or incorporated the holiday. I found myself creating three daily create this week, one being a photo-shopped/digital pumpkin creation, one being a PSA announcement involving Micheal Myers, and the last being a trip to the Future. In addition to creating the creates we were tasked with linking them together, basically making a story. So for mine the setting is 100 years in the future, on Halloween, and Micheal Myers runs and operates his very own home security company. He will personally come to your house and hide among the shadows ensuring you that you always have someone watching you. On holidays like Halloween he takes the day off, its a very special holiday for him.

Pumpkin creation

Micheal PSA

100 years in the future

Making an Alternate Site

For this weeks bonus assignment I had to remix or alter a web page of my choice. I ended up selecting an Amazon page selling a Rick Grimes action figure and ended altering it to make it seem like a real life person was being sold. The idea is like one of those toys you place in water and it grows, basically its a toy that you place in water and it becomes a real living human. I had a really fun time editing and changing the site around to make it match my products description. It took awhile to change the information but I had a blast doing it. If anyone is a fan of The Walking Dead or just wants a new friend, my product is for you.

Here is the new altered site page, Here.

Here is the original site page, Here.

Overall I enjoyed this project, it allowed me to be creative and design something that I found humorous. I hope you guys enjoy and think about purchasing one of your own.


Radio Broadcasting

This week the theme of our class was broadcasting. Over the course of the past two weeks our class has created and produced several radio podcasts which we were able to finally listen to over the course of this past week. In total there were three shows that were created, one was played Monday, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. We were instructed to tune in and comment on twitter as the show went on. I was able to catch two broadcasts, the one on Monday which was my groups, and the one on Wednesday which was titled-Myths, Legends And Character Conversations. I really enjoyed listening to my groups show as it was interesting to see what others commented and had to say about it, it seemed like a lot of the comments referred to the gnome subplot which I just found hilarious. The Wednesday podcast was really well made I thought. The use of different sounds and accents really made it feel unique and immersive, I especially enjoyed the bumpers which were all different and creative. I was able to listen to the shows while I was at work so it really lightened up my mood as it gave me something to focus on. Overall I enjoyed seeing the feedback on my groups podcast and I think the group that created the podcast-Myths, Legends And Character Conversations, did an excellent job incorporating sound, style and creativity.

Tweets during the broadcast: