Forced Collaboration of XXXtentacion, Lil Dicky, Smokepurp and Lil Uzi

For this assignment I had to force several musicians together to create one unified song. I decided I would select my favorite style of music, that being rap, and try to pin artists that typically wouldn’t be together in a song. I ended up choosing the late XXXtentacion and Smokepurp as two artists that would collab together and added them with artist Lil Dicky. The styles of the three rappers are fairly different from each other and combining them together I felt would be interesting. I used audacity to compile all of my recordings, which took forever due to finding clips of freestyles that had little to no music in the background. Once I found the recording of the lyrics I had to find a beat which suited the three together, which I think I found. Overall the process was extremely fun and I hope everyone enjoys this odd collaboration.

My Halloween Sound

For this assignment I created a spooky/scary beat or song, however you want to describe it. For this I used some at home recordings as well as some audio clips from and plugged them into audacity where I edited and trimmed the files into one whole recording. The process was really fun as I had to try and come up with creepy sounds and noises in order to make the best spooky song I could. The process was not to difficult and I really didn’t need to much inspiration as Halloween is right around the corner. Overall I am very happy with how it turned out and happy early Halloween.

A Sick Beat for Radio

For this assignment I was tasked with creating a “sick beat”.  For this I wanted to tie it to my radio program project so I created a intro type song for our upcoming radio show. I used audacity and to create and mash together audio to produce this medieval intro. I had a really fun time with this assignment because I love creating and producing new rap instrumentals on my free time and I found this as the perfect opportunity to do an assignment on something I already enjoy doing. The process overall was really simple as I am familiar with the software and I already knew what sound I was looking for. I am overall happy with eh way the sound turned out and I hope to maybe use it for our programs intro.

Week 7 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates involved creating memes, photo shopping images and looking at some of the worst jobs imaginable. The process of creating and producing these creates this week was fairly simple and quick. Unlike last weeks creates I found these to be a little less design based and more or less entertaining in my opinion. However I always have a short amount of fun each day creating these creates and this week was no different.

Daily Create 1: The first daily create I participated in this week involved me adding to an already ever changing image. The starter image was given to the class in which we were then instructed to add or alter the image. This was a chain effect as each person was to add to the image previously altered by the person before them. When the image got to me I added Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson to the image because why not.

Daily Create 2: the second daily created I did was basically a research type of assignment in which I had to post the worst job in the world, fictional or non, and describe the process of the job. For this I looked up some pretty awful jobs and settled on one that I didn’t even no existed which is a animal food taster. Even as I am writing this I still cant believe that this is a real occupation.

Daily Create 3: The last daily create I produced this week was a meme revolving around what appears to be a depressed clown. As soon as I saw the image I thought of the famous clown from Stephen Kings It, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, however I saw a lot of posts involving this character and wanted to do something unique. I settled on a meme revolving around alcoholism and I think the meme fits perfectly with the image.

Radio Show Logo

In the creative process of designing and producing a radio show there needs to be emphasis on marketing and image. Whenever you think or discuss shows, be it television or radio, most individuals think or correspond the name with the shows logo or brand mark. For instance Nike, whenever I think about the company Nike the swoosh trademark instantly becomes forefront in my mind. So with that in mind I have created a radio show logo for our upcoming production. I wanted the logo to be eye catching but not over the top. I wanted something that seemed modern and had a warm tone. For the design I used a great website,, which allows you to create many different designs and images that can constructed to create posters and logos alike. The process didn’t take to long mostly because I already had an idea of what I wanted to create. The site was very easy to use and navigate and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in designing posters and/or logos. Overall I am happy with my logos look and design and I look forward to seeing the designs my fellow group members created.

Radio Progress Report

Over the course of the next two weeks my group has been tasked with organizing and producing our very radio show. So far this first week has been mostly organizing and brainstorming potential ideas and scheduling times for the recording which will be recorded next week. Originally I had the idea of speaking on something we are all passionate about and in doing that incorporating our created characters along the way. After discussing this idea with the group a few of us felt this was a good route to take with a few others offering other suggestions. It seems like the availability for everyone is good as were all available around noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For the next few days our group will further generate ideas and hopefully by the beginning of the weekend have something cemented and planned. Until then I will be designing and brainstorming different commercial ideas and designs for our program. The experience should go smooth and the overall production should be engaging and entertaining.

Week Six Summary

This week was an extremely fun week. I got to read a lot of interesting literature on the world of design and it really shed light on how important design really is. A write up of my literature review for this week can be found here.

This week also introduced a new photo Blitz in which I got to capture photos from my local grocery store and determine which design concepts they represented. A link to that post can be found here.

The daily creates for this week were also extremely fun as I was able to place myself and others into odd and strange settings through Photoshop. Those creates can be viewed here.

The assignments this week were also really fun as they allowed me to incorporate my created character into a few of them. I didn’t find any of them extremely challenging I actually found them to be stimulating and relaxing. The post for those assignments can be found below.

  1. Hockey in Space
  2. Rocket and Sportsmanship
  3. The Perseverance of Alex Ovechkin

All in all this week was extremely fun and it really allowed me to look at the power of design in new and interesting ways. All of the activities and assignments I enjoyed and I hope everyone likes the work I completed this week.

Weis Markets Design Blitz

This week I was given the task to carry around my camera and take photos of different designs, these photos could be of advertisements, objects or pretty much anything I found worthy of capturing. At first I wasn’t sure what to photograph but while at work I had the great idea to capture a few of the thousands of advertisements and designs located within my local Weis Market. For those of you unfamiliar with the store Weis, its a grocery store chain located along the east coast. Grocery stores are littered with advertisements and cool and interesting designs, I saw this as the perfect place to capture a handful of photographs pertaining to a few key design concepts. After searching throughout the store I decided on the photos that I felt best represented a few of the design concepts listed below:


  • color
  • typography
  • metaphors/symbols
  • minimalism & use of space
  • form/function/message
  • balance
  • rhythm
  • proportion
  • dominance
  • unity

After I decided on which photo corresponded to each concept I selected I then posted my photos on my Instagram page to share with my DS106 colleagues. In all I took 10 photos and decided to discuss four of them, each representing a differemt design concept. Feel free to comment below on the other images and try to match them to the other design concepts.

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Image 1: I decided this ad for pistachios was a perfect example of minimalism/Use of space. The ad is simplistic and shows exactly what is advertised and uses a sleek photo that feels minimal but gets the point across.

Image 2: This image is that of a balloon in the produce department advertising locally grown food. I felt this matched perfectly with the design concept Form/Function/Message as it clearly gets across what its meant to represent.

Image 3: Image three is a gift card for American Eagle. This image represents Dominance as the trademarked logo sticks out and is a easily recognizable logo that is associated with the company.

Image 4: the final image I selected was a Coke box. I think this image perfectly represents Typography as the font coke uses is one that is immediately associated with the company. Anywhere you see this font you immediate think of the coca cola brand.


Overall I had a great time with this assignment and found it extremely relaxing. I hope you enjoyed looking through the photos I captured.





Design and the World

This week the topic was design and with that we were instructed to review a few pieces of literature that corresponded with design and the principles that pertain to the subject. Previous to the readings I really didn’t think to much about design and the part it played. However, after reading through some of the readings Ive truly come see how significant design is in the world of marketing, art and production. Massimo Vignelli, a former Italian designer, was one of the pioneers I learned about this week. One of the things he said the really stuck out to me was when he spoke about the “new age of computers” and the overpopulation of design. He basically said that out of all the thousands of design templates, all we really need is one basic one, the simplistic ones. This really stuck out to me because the statement couldn’t be truer in today’s world of advertisements and promotions. I think that while flashy forms of design can be fascinating, they can become overbearing and can sometimes overshadow the central meaning behind the design. I found the article A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by Iconic Designer Chip Kidd to be really interesting as it spoke on design techniques and how certain designs appeal more to certain individuals and how certain forms of media use design. Overall the readings this week, while short, were really informative and fun to read.


Rocket and Sportsmanship

Have you ever seen a billboard promoting either a product, film or even a public service announcement and thought to yourself, “I can do better than that”. Well that’s exactly what I thought as I was able to create my very own billboard thanks to the awesome website PassItOn. The site allowed me to use a template and create my very own public service announcement. For this activity I wanted to once incorporate my created character, Rocket Richard. To do this a began brainstorming ideas of how I could create a public service announcement around the character. I thought of the traits and values Rocket exemplifies and settled in on sportsmanship, as this also pertains to hockey. The billboard features Rocket displaying sportsmanship qualities with fellow NHL players as well as large text that shows the boards overall meaning. The activity was fun and the process of creating it was fairly easy, minus the brainstorming. Overall I like the template I used and I am happy with the way mine turned out, as I could see something similar in real life.