Week 10 Summary

This week was probably my favorite week yet. I love everything involving film and video editing and this week allowed me the opportunity to indulge in those two passions. I had a lot of previous knowledge when it came to video editing so this week wasn’t too difficult. The only thing I disliked was the upload times, it took forever to upload my assignments on YouTube and Vimeo. This week we really looked into the components of scenes and how specific elements trigger emotions and how specific aspects represent certain themes. I actually enjoyed watching the recommended videos this week as they really informed me on a lot of great information in regards to film making. This week I ended doing my very own scene analysis on one of my favorite scenes from the Walking Dead. The link to my video essay can be found here.

The majority of assignments this week involved video editing so I had an awesome time doing that, I tried involving my passions into everyone I created. the first was a Big Daddy movie breakdown in which I discuss the films plot and characters. The second assignment found myslef combining a scene from the Walking Dead with a rock song that just so happened to fit smoothly with what was going on. Finally the third and final assignment involved me taking a clip from the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup celebration and reversing and altering it to make it seem odd and off putting.

Big Daddy Breakdown

Walking dead/Song Mashup

Washington Capitals in Slow Motion

It wouldn’t be Halloween week if the daily creates didn’t incorporate the holiday festivals. This weeks daily creates can be found here.

Overall this week was awesome, I truly enjoy film and I had a great time creating and editing different forms of film.


Distorting and Reversing the Celebration

For this assignment I had to take a quick video clip and reverse it making it off putting and odd. I decided to take the clip of Alex Ovechkin winning the Stanley cup because for one I love that moment and two I thought the celebration would look weird if it were reversed. I used OpenShot to edit and alter the video and I think it turned out well. The video looks odd and seems like the event was almost a dream. I distorted as well trying to make it seem like what you are watching isn’t real. I hope enjoy watching it a much as I enjoyed making it.

Link to Video Here.

Week 10 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were mostly Halloween themed and I had a fun time completing them. This week we were only instructed to do two daily creates which I participated in Wednesday’s and Friday’s assignments. The first create I participated in was a Halloween story based tweet. I had to tel a scary story for this create and I decided there is nothing scarier going on right now then Rick Grimes leaving the Walking Dead.

The second create was a combo of a dude from the onion and the film Ghostbusters, this guy just looks like he collects spores.

Song/Scene Mashup

For this assignment I had to take a song and trailer and combine them in a way that seemed fluent. I ended up picking a scene from the Walking Dead, keeping with the theme from my previous assignment. The song I selected was Let The Bodies Hit The Floor, by Drowning Pool. In the scene the community becomes over run by zombies and the main characters have to fight their way through the hundreds of zombies. The song fits perfectly with the scene as hundreds of zombie bodies are hitting the floor and I tried cutting it to fit with the scenes actions. I used OpenShot Video editor to edit the scene and song together and I think it turned out very well. I could actually see this song being played over this scene which is basically what this assignment was all about.

Link to Video Here.

Scene Breakdown: The Walking Dead

This weeks focus was all about reading film and scenes. When I first looked at the title of this weeks focus I was unsure of how I would go about breaking down a scene. I initially thought I was suppose to describe a scenes plot or characters however after I watched a few helpful videos published on YouTube by user Every Frame A Painting, I was able to figure out exactly what it meant to breakdown a scene. Its really crazy to think about how much goes into each scene and how every element plays or signifies a particular theme or emotion. The videos were extremely helpful, especially the one based on the scene from the Silence of the Lambs, which I felt linked a lot to the scene I was going to analyze. The scene I selected was one of my favorite scenes of all time, a scene from AMC’s The Walking Dead in which the main villain Negan is introduced to Rick Grimes and his group. The scenes shows Rick, who before thought his group could take on any challenge and wasn’t afraid of anyone, coming face to face with a threat that even he could not match up to, at least at the particular time. The scene represents a shift in power in the show as our main protagonist Rick loses his power to the new antagonist Negan. It was really fun analyzing this scene as I got to dive deeper into what actually makes this scene work so well and how every element create such an amazing and tense filled scene.

Link to Video Here.

Spoiling Big Daddy

For this weeks assignments we had the option of joining a group and creating a video project or completing video based assignments. Being that I live off campus I decided to take the assignment route and had a blast doing so. For my first assignment I really wanted to do something new, add something to the video assignment list. I ended up creating a new assignment in which you take clips or scenes from a film or show and then create a voice over in which you discuss the overall plot of the story. I thought of this while watching Big Daddy and thought that this would be a really great addition to the assignment bank. For my project I ended up using Movavi, a video editing software, and used key scenes from Big Daddy to show the plot of the story. I then recorded a quick voice over and discussed the plot and key information regarding the characters and plot. I had blast creating it and I hope others decide to give it a try.