Final Project Summary

For this final project I had a great time creating it. Initially I was a little stumped on how to go about the process and at first spent a decent amount of time just brainstorming ideas and figuring out what all I wanted to incorporate. Like I previously mentioned in my project post I eventually would settle on the three forms of media; web, audio and image. I love radio and the idea of telling a story through that form of media so I genuinely enjoyed that portion of my project. I really enjoyed creating a script for the project and getting the opportunity to further flesh out my character and expand the universe he resides in. The recording process was an interesting one as recording large portions of dialogue take a decent amount of time due to messing up takes and wanting to produce quality sound. After the portion was completed I really enjoyed using X-Ray Goggles and altering webpages, it gave me the opportunity to create Easter eggs and really flesh out the universe. I wanted to embed the actual webpages but wasn’t entirely sure how so I know links weren’t permitted but it was the only way I knew how to attach that portion of the story. These pieces play as a bonus story the flesh events in the story and expand a little more on the character Rocket Richard, basically making feel real. I cant say enough how much I loved creating this project as it really gave me the opportunity to be creative allowing me to use the different forms of media we covered this semester.

Final Project: Rocket Richards Origin Story

For my final project I spent the first few weeks brainstorming, mapping out and planning my approach for my project. At first I wasn’t sure which path I would take for my project but as the parts slowly came together I knew what I wanted to create. At first I wanted to create a video/movie of my characters story but due to price and lack of resources I decided that would be to difficult to accomplish, at least if I was going for quality. Eventually I started at radio/audio. I really enjoyed our midterm project and thought that would be a great place to start. Once I had that in place I started working on the script for the story. It ended up  taking a decent amount of time to work out the story and flesh out the characters a tad. I didn’t want it to be extremely long and I wanted to make it clear and to the point. Recording took awhile mostly due to trying to edit the audio so it was clear. After that I decided to use the film aspect by incorporating pictures/photography as a means of depicting what was occurring alongside the audio. I spent a good few hours finding images and editing them together with the audio. I wanted to also add another form of storytelling to the project by using one of my favorite software’s we used this semester, X-Ray Goggles. I wanted to give the reader/viewer another means of storytelling so I decided to edit a few webpages to fit within the universe of my characters story, I put in a decent amount of Easter eggs too so keep an eye out for those. I really had fun with that portion as creating ads and playing with the universe was a fun side activity that I found myself lost in for awhile. Overall I am very satisfied with my assignment and feel my use of audio, film, image and web allowed me to tell the story I wanted to tell. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Check out these below. They further delve into the universe of Rocket Richard.

Rocket Richard Newspaper #1

Rocket Richard

Venice accident



Final Project Progress Report

This week Ive been working on outlining, brainstorming and mapping out my final project. Ive been looking over the types of media we’ve used this semester and Ive been trying to figure out which three would be best in regards to what I am trying to create. Ive settled on selecting audio, film, and photography. I fell these three mediums will allow me the flexibility and creativity I need in order to tell my story. Since we are incorporating our characters into this assignment Ive decided to go the route of telling an origin story of my character. For this I will incorporate the three mediums of storytelling by splitting them into thirds. I will evenly distribute the storytelling by telling it through film, audio, and photography. The story will follow the characters beginning and how he came to be the person he is. Ive already worked on the script for the audio portion and Ive finished the outline for the filming portion. I will first start filming on Monday when a few of my buddies will meet with me and help me create the filming portion. Ive already started the audio portion and towards the end of the week I will start the photography portion. I’m excited to see how this project turns out.