I want to start off first saying hello and thank you for visiting my site. My goal here is to bring you up to date news on the DMV areas local sports teams and create a place where both casual and die hard sports fans can communicate and discuss everything sports.

I decided to dedicate this site to sports due to my passion for everything sports, from playing to watching sports are my life. Ever since I was young I was fascinated by sports and the idea that a group of players could gel together and accomplish great things as a team. I remember falling in love with local teams such as the Washington Capitals and DC United. Throughout my childhood I would try and watch every game if I could regardless of where I was or what time it was. These brief moments in which I surrounded myself with sports was a way to escape the real world and have something that I was passionate about.

I hope that I can now bring others similar to me together and create a community for all those who love the world of sports.

-No Penguins Fans allowed…just kidding…no I’m not.