Scene Breakdown: The Walking Dead

This weeks focus was all about reading film and scenes. When I first looked at the title of this weeks focus I was unsure of how I would go about breaking down a scene. I initially thought I was suppose to describe a scenes plot or characters however after I watched a few helpful videos published on YouTube by user Every Frame A Painting, I was able to figure out exactly what it meant to breakdown a scene. Its really crazy to think about how much goes into each scene and how every element plays or signifies a particular theme or emotion. The videos were extremely helpful, especially the one based on the scene from the Silence of the Lambs, which I felt linked a lot to the scene I was going to analyze. The scene I selected was one of my favorite scenes of all time, a scene from AMC’s The Walking Dead in which the main villain Negan is introduced to Rick Grimes and his group. The scenes shows Rick, who before thought his group could take on any challenge and wasn’t afraid of anyone, coming face to face with a threat that even he could not match up to, at least at the particular time. The scene represents a shift in power in the show as our main protagonist Rick loses his power to the new antagonist Negan. It was really fun analyzing this scene as I got to dive deeper into what actually makes this scene work so well and how every element create such an amazing and tense filled scene.

Link to Video Here.

Spoiling Big Daddy

For this weeks assignments we had the option of joining a group and creating a video project or completing video based assignments. Being that I live off campus I decided to take the assignment route and had a blast doing so. For my first assignment I really wanted to do something new, add something to the video assignment list. I ended up creating a new assignment in which you take clips or scenes from a film or show and then create a voice over in which you discuss the overall plot of the story. I thought of this while watching Big Daddy and thought that this would be a really great addition to the assignment bank. For my project I ended up using Movavi, a video editing software, and used key scenes from Big Daddy to show the plot of the story. I then recorded a quick voice over and discussed the plot and key information regarding the characters and plot. I had blast creating it and I hope others decide to give it a try.

Week 9 Summary

This week was a pretty interesting week, I had a lot of extra time on my hands and was able to work on this weeks assignments with little to no stress. The daily creates this week were unique because we had to link all of the creates through a story and make them link in some way. I ended up linking them through a creative story involving Micheal Myers and home security. The link to that blog post is located here.

For my assignments I ended up creating a fake website by distorting a webpage, I created a Walking Dead quiz, and made up a story about a group of survivors and took a look back at my work over the semester.

Fake website

Walking Dead quiz

A look back

Survivor Story

Finally I listened to and commented on our classes radio podcasts. The link to that blog can be found here.

Overall I enjoyed the assignments this and had a really good time completing them.

A Look Back

Over the course of the semester I have created and published several blogs, audio files and photos. When I first started I was pretty much new with all of the software I was using. I was that great with audio software, struggled with Photoshop and couldn’t brainstorm ideas for blog posts. Nine weeks in and I feel like my skills in all of those areas have improved and have made me a better blogger. Looking forward I hope to continue to improve my skills and hopefully become some sort of an expert be the end of the semester. Overall this semester so far has been a ball and I’ve enjoyed seeing my progress through my site.

Walking Dead Quiz

For this assignment I created my very own Buzzfeed quiz. I wanted to make something I was passionate about so I decided to make it a Walking Dead themed quiz. I kept the questions within the realm of the show and universe and used answers that related to the characters. The quiz asks questions about zombie apocalypse scenarios and then matches you with what character you are base on your answers. In all I enjoyed this assignment, It didn’t take me too long to create because of my previous knowledge and I enjoyed making the questions and matching them with specific characters.

How it all Began

During the year 2019 a zombie outbreak occurred all across the world, this left the living fighting off the dead. The zombies that are in this world are like that of the Walking Dead zombies, not the Usain Bolt World War Z movies.  During the outbreak over two/thirds of the population was lost, people either died off from the zombies, starvation or other survivors. Over the last year those who survived the initial outbreak began banding together to fight off the dead and the living in attempt to rebuild  and restart society. This is where we meet the leaders of this societal rebuild. For anyone who has ever watched a zombie film or apocalyptic movie, you know that those films usually follow  group of survivors  hell-bent on surviving against all odds. The leader of our group is named Alex, a former lawyer, who uses his quick thinking and intelligence to lead our group through this apocalyptic wasteland. After the outbreak Alex rushed home from his offices trying to get to family, his wife Linda and his son Brian. On his way there he was in a terrible accident that found him being unconscious in his vehicle for several days. When he awoke he was fine only suffering a concussion from the accident. He again rushed home running across the zombie filled city trying to get to his family. On the way they he ran across a homeless man named Mike trying to fight off a group of the undead. Alex being the great person he is jumped in a saved the man and also allowed him to tag along. The two made it back to Alex’s house to find his wife Linda a zombie banging on their sons door, trying to get in. Alex then had to do the toughest thing he had ever done in his life, put down his zombie wife. After doing so Alex, Mike and Brian began making their way out of the city, thinking that it would be safer. The three eventually became surrounded by a herd of zombies near the city lines, thinking that they were about to die the three prepared to fight to the death. Out of nowhere bullets rang through the herd mowing down zombie after zombie. When the gunfire came to an end there was nothing but smoke and blood, they looked to their left to see two woman, Dianna and Heather, holding two AK47’s. The two were former member’s of the army before the world went to hell. The two joined the group bringing the number of survivors to five. The group eventually made it to Canada, where they would eventually setup a community of survivors with the goal of restarting society.

Week 9 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates seemed very Halloween themed, as a majority of them dealt with or incorporated the holiday. I found myself creating three daily create this week, one being a photo-shopped/digital pumpkin creation, one being a PSA announcement involving Micheal Myers, and the last being a trip to the Future. In addition to creating the creates we were tasked with linking them together, basically making a story. So for mine the setting is 100 years in the future, on Halloween, and Micheal Myers runs and operates his very own home security company. He will personally come to your house and hide among the shadows ensuring you that you always have someone watching you. On holidays like Halloween he takes the day off, its a very special holiday for him.

Pumpkin creation

Micheal PSA

100 years in the future

Making an Alternate Site

For this weeks bonus assignment I had to remix or alter a web page of my choice. I ended up selecting an Amazon page selling a Rick Grimes action figure and ended altering it to make it seem like a real life person was being sold. The idea is like one of those toys you place in water and it grows, basically its a toy that you place in water and it becomes a real living human. I had a really fun time editing and changing the site around to make it match my products description. It took awhile to change the information but I had a blast doing it. If anyone is a fan of The Walking Dead or just wants a new friend, my product is for you.

Here is the new altered site page, Here.

Here is the original site page, Here.

Overall I enjoyed this project, it allowed me to be creative and design something that I found humorous. I hope you guys enjoy and think about purchasing one of your own.


Radio Broadcasting

This week the theme of our class was broadcasting. Over the course of the past two weeks our class has created and produced several radio podcasts which we were able to finally listen to over the course of this past week. In total there were three shows that were created, one was played Monday, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. We were instructed to tune in and comment on twitter as the show went on. I was able to catch two broadcasts, the one on Monday which was my groups, and the one on Wednesday which was titled-Myths, Legends And Character Conversations. I really enjoyed listening to my groups show as it was interesting to see what others commented and had to say about it, it seemed like a lot of the comments referred to the gnome subplot which I just found hilarious. The Wednesday podcast was really well made I thought. The use of different sounds and accents really made it feel unique and immersive, I especially enjoyed the bumpers which were all different and creative. I was able to listen to the shows while I was at work so it really lightened up my mood as it gave me something to focus on. Overall I enjoyed seeing the feedback on my groups podcast and I think the group that created the podcast-Myths, Legends And Character Conversations, did an excellent job incorporating sound, style and creativity.

Tweets during the broadcast:

Radio Show Progress: Completion

This week my entire focus was on studying for exams and completing my group podcast assignment. Last week found my group planning and organizing meeting times, recording times and the overall theme of our show. This week we finally met together as a group on Wednesday afternoon and finalized our script as well as planned how the recording would work. The overall meeting went really well and enjoyed being able to put faces to names. During the meeting we all discussed ideas about the overall concept of our show and how we would incorporate our characters. We settled on a show the was themed as a group therapy session in which all of our characters were in a room discussing their backstories. Somehow Drake and I started the idea of gnomes being drug lords and how my character, who fights crime, could interact with his character, a gnome. Thursday night I started the recording of my lines, which I did on audacity. We had a group document which had the script as well as each of our soundcloud links. The idea was for all of us to record on our own time and then post our files on our soundcloud’s which Drake would then download, edit and compile everything into one file. The whole recording process I found easy and it didn’t take me too long, the script writing was probably the most time consuming because I was trying to get into the mind of my character and talk how he would. After my lines were recorded I created my commercial which was a PSA announcement about gnomes, think SPCA. This ended up being my favorite part of the assignment. Overall I found the process fun and engaging. I enjoyed being able to work with such a cool and organized group and I think the final project ended up being very well made, kudos to Drake. I look forward to doing hopefully more group work and I hope everyone enjoys our radio show.

Link to show here.