Forced Collaboration of XXXtentacion, Lil Dicky, Smokepurp and Lil Uzi

For this assignment I had to force several musicians together to create one unified song. I decided I would select my favorite style of music, that being rap, and try to pin artists that typically wouldn’t be together in a song. I ended up choosing the late XXXtentacion and Smokepurp as two artists that would collab together and added them with artist Lil Dicky. The styles of the three rappers are fairly different from each other and combining them together I felt would be interesting. I used audacity to compile all of my recordings, which took forever due to finding clips of freestyles that had little to no music in the background. Once I found the recording of the lyrics I had to find a beat which suited the three together, which I think I found. Overall the process was extremely fun and I hope everyone enjoys this odd collaboration.

My Halloween Sound

For this assignment I created a spooky/scary beat or song, however you want to describe it. For this I used some at home recordings as well as some audio clips from and plugged them into audacity where I edited and trimmed the files into one whole recording. The process was really fun as I had to try and come up with creepy sounds and noises in order to make the best spooky song I could. The process was not to difficult and I really didn’t need to much inspiration as Halloween is right around the corner. Overall I am very happy with how it turned out and happy early Halloween.

A Sick Beat for Radio

For this assignment I was tasked with creating a “sick beat”.  For this I wanted to tie it to my radio program project so I created a intro type song for our upcoming radio show. I used audacity and to create and mash together audio to produce this medieval intro. I had a really fun time with this assignment because I love creating and producing new rap instrumentals on my free time and I found this as the perfect opportunity to do an assignment on something I already enjoy doing. The process overall was really simple as I am familiar with the software and I already knew what sound I was looking for. I am overall happy with eh way the sound turned out and I hope to maybe use it for our programs intro.

Sound Effect Story

For this assignment I wanted to interoperate my created character Rocket Richard. For this particular task I had to create a story using only sound effects. For this I used the suggested free sound website to grab my audio files. I ended up creating the scene of Rocket Richards Father’s death. In my story Rocket father dies in a car crash and I wanted to recreate that the best I could. I used a lot of sad sound files that I thought represented death. I also tried making it a little creepy. I used audacity for the assignment and overall had a great time creating it. I think it turned out fairly well.

Radio Bumper

This is my attempt at the radio bumper(station identification) assignment. For this I created a audio file on audacity that is roughly 25 seconds long. I wanted to add some nice background music that played alongside the radio bumper. It took me awhile to figure out what I was going to say or how I would say it. I finally settled on just promoting the show and then adding in an ice little fake sponsor to add a little realism to the bumper. Its short, sweet and simple. I had a fun time while working on it and it really got me brainstorming on the thirty minute radio show. Hope you enjoy the short little bumper.

Sound Effect Song

For this assignment I had to create or find sound effects and then turn the audio files into a song. This assignment was really challenging for me because I found it hard to mix and mash audio files together to create a enjoyable song. I decided to keep with the film genre for this specific assignment. I wanted to find clips of sound effects from film and then combine them with a slow instrumental in order to create a odd genre of music. I guess this could be considered techno however I’m not really sure. I used effects from a variety of films including Star Wars, IT, hockey clips and basically any recent film or clip I recently viewed. I used audacity to create this audio and used a lot of reverb and base distortion.  I think it turned out fairly well and I enjoyed creating it so I hope you enjoy it.

Distorting a Noise to Sound Like Lasers

For this assignment I was instructed to create or manipulate an audio file in a way that would distort it, basically making it sound like something totally and completely different. I was watching Star Wars on Netflix while looking through assignments and while watching I was listening to the sound effects that really enhance the scenes. While listening I had the idea that I could create a similar style of sound using logic pro. For this I used a speech sample and then using the different tools on Logic I completely distorted it into sounding like a laser or some form of space tool. This wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be since I already had experience with audio distortion and logic and it was basically like riding a bike, you never forget. Overall I am happy with the outcome and might even use it in the sound effect story assignment. Hope you enjoy this awesome laser noise.