Week 12 Daily Creates

This week was pretty busy in terms of work and assignments so I guess due to that we were only instructed to complete two daily creates for this week. The two daily creates I created dealt with the number 25 and taking expressions literally. For the number 25 create I used a photo of one of my favorite former Washington Capitals players, number 25 Jason Chimera.

For the second daily create I took the expression, Its raining cats and dogs, literally and created this image of what it would truly look like if this expression came to life. I used SnapChat to help create the image.

Overall this week’s daily creates were unique and interesting. I always enjoy participating in the daily creates and this week was no different.

Week 11 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates really took me on a trip back to the past. It had me looking through old photos, videos and memories. This week’s daily create had me thinking about things I have to do in the future and had me looking back on some great memories from the past.

The first daily create has me thinking about something I had to do or complete in the near future, I ended posting about my need to deposit a few checks that I have laying around.

The second daily create had me looking back at the past and posting something that brought back good memories from either my childhood or teen years. I ended posting a picture of my friend and me at a high school party, which we did almost all the time back in high school.

The third daily create was probably my favorite as we had to post a song we remember from our younger years, of course I had to pick an Eminem song.

Week 10 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were mostly Halloween themed and I had a fun time completing them. This week we were only instructed to do two daily creates which I participated in Wednesday’s and Friday’s assignments. The first create I participated in was a Halloween story based tweet. I had to tel a scary story for this create and I decided there is nothing scarier going on right now then Rick Grimes leaving the Walking Dead.

The second create was a combo of a dude from the onion and the film Ghostbusters, this guy just looks like he collects spores.

Week 9 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates seemed very Halloween themed, as a majority of them dealt with or incorporated the holiday. I found myself creating three daily create this week, one being a photo-shopped/digital pumpkin creation, one being a PSA announcement involving Micheal Myers, and the last being a trip to the Future. In addition to creating the creates we were tasked with linking them together, basically making a story. So for mine the setting is 100 years in the future, on Halloween, and Micheal Myers runs and operates his very own home security company. He will personally come to your house and hide among the shadows ensuring you that you always have someone watching you. On holidays like Halloween he takes the day off, its a very special holiday for him.

Pumpkin creation

Micheal PSA

100 years in the future

Week 7 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates involved creating memes, photo shopping images and looking at some of the worst jobs imaginable. The process of creating and producing these creates this week was fairly simple and quick. Unlike last weeks creates I found these to be a little less design based and more or less entertaining in my opinion. However I always have a short amount of fun each day creating these creates and this week was no different.

Daily Create 1: The first daily create I participated in this week involved me adding to an already ever changing image. The starter image was given to the class in which we were then instructed to add or alter the image. This was a chain effect as each person was to add to the image previously altered by the person before them. When the image got to me I added Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson to the image because why not.

Daily Create 2: the second daily created I did was basically a research type of assignment in which I had to post the worst job in the world, fictional or non, and describe the process of the job. For this I looked up some pretty awful jobs and settled on one that I didn’t even no existed which is a animal food taster. Even as I am writing this I still cant believe that this is a real occupation.

Daily Create 3: The last daily create I produced this week was a meme revolving around what appears to be a depressed clown. As soon as I saw the image I thought of the famous clown from Stephen Kings It, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, however I saw a lot of posts involving this character and wanted to do something unique. I settled on a meme revolving around alcoholism and I think the meme fits perfectly with the image.

Week Six Daily Creates

This week we really focused on design and the principles and techniques that correspond with it. This weeks daily creates that I participated in focused heavily on design, mostly photo editing. The three that I created involved incorporating images into scenes or backgrounds that they might not normally be in. I had a really fun time this week with the daily creates as they allowed me to play around with Photoshop software.

Daily Create one: For the first daily create we had to take a television show from the past and incorporate ourselves into the show. For this I used a poster from the television show 21 Jump Street and placed a head shot of myself over one of the actors. I used snap chat for this photo editing and I think it turned out fairly funny.

Daily Create Two: The second create was changing the marshmallow man from the film Ghostbusters into something else. For this I decided to edit in my childhood idol and hero Alex Ovechkin hoisting his first, and the Washington Capitals first ever Stanley Cup.

Daily Create Three: The third and final create for this week found me finding a new commercial/clip for Dunkin Donuts, or the newly improved “Dunkin”. I saw a funny clip of someone getting dunked in a dunk tank and felt that a company with the name Dunkin could possibly use a clip similar to this.