Hockey in Space

For this design assignment I was instructed to add or place myself or others into a setting that they would seem out of place in. For this particular task I wanted to incorporate my created character, Rocket Richard. Being that my character is a hockey player I wanted to somehow place him and fellow players in an environment that they did not belong in. However, I didn’t want to just choose some random setting I wanted to somehow tie it to my characters lore. If you are familiar with my character Rocket then you know that he spent a lot of time as a child watching rockets at a nearby NASA testing facility that his late father worked at. This gave me the idea to place Rocket and these world class athletes in a place where rockets eventually go, space. The photo is that of several NHL players and Rocket as a young child playing hockey on the moon. I created this image in adobe Photoshop and I think overall it turned out fairly well. It was extremely difficult trimming the photos of the players. This was a necessary step in the sense that I could place them in the new setting  without any residue of the previous background. It took awhile but I am happy with the final product.