Discuss a Films Plot Tutorial

In the following post I will guide you through the process of designing, editing and creating a video about a film, or shows, overall plot. 1)The first thing that should be done in this assignment is selecting the story you want to discuss. I would suggest selecting a film/show you are extremely familiar with or one you’ve viewed recently as you’ll save time having to dig for information on key plot points. In my take on the assignment I decided to choose the film Big Daddy as I had seen the film many times and had previously watched it before doing the assignment.

2A)Once you’ve selected your story you then want to download a movie editor software. Depending on what computer you have will determine which software you can download. If money is of issue many of the sites for download offer free versions or free trials. For my project I used the free version of movavi video editor as it provided the tools and capabilities I needed for the assignment. Here’s a link to the site if you’re interested in downloading the software. Link Here.

2B)Once you have the video editing software of your choice downloaded you then should download an audio recording software as some of the video editing software doesn’t enable audio recording/editing. If the software you downloaded does have these capabilities then you can go ahead and skip to step 3, unless you want higher quality sound for your video. Just like the video editing software there are many different audio recording and editing software’s available online. The one I decided to install was the free audio software Audacity. Its a really easy to use software the allows you to record high quality audio and then filter the sound to your liking. A link to download Audacity can be found here.

3)After downloading the software your next step should be familiarizing yourself with the software. I know for me I didn’t give myslef the time to properly learn the in’s and out’s of the software which probably added to the time I spent on the assignment. The software I downloaded, Audacity and Movavi, each have tutorials available upon installing. Most other video and audio software’s also have tutorials available upon opening and running the software.

4)Once you have your software downloaded and you’ve become familiar with how to operate and use the software you then want to start the creative planning and organizing of your assignment. This is basically the step where you want to map out your video, highlight plot points, decide which visuals and scenes you want to incorporate, basically map out how the video will flow and play out. This is something that should be taken seriously as having a roadmap and an outline for an assignment like this helps you stay organized and on track.

5)Now is the step where you will gather clips or scenes from the film/show you have selected. You can either record the scenes yourself or you can elect to go with the option I chose which was using a free YouTube clip converter/downloader that allows you to download clips from YouTube videos which you can then use on whichever video software you elected to download. If you elect to go that route just make sure to credit the initial source of the video. Here is the site I used, y2mate, but there are several different sites you can use.

6)After you have the clips you want you can then upload them into your video editing software and align them in anyway you want. You can also add filters, distortion or edits to specific clips depending on what you’re doing. Once you’ve arranged the clips to your liking you then can add the audio file you record on your audio software, if you elected to go that route.

7)Once you’ve organized and arranged the clips and audio you can then save, export or upload your completed project.

Hopefully this tutorial helps you out with the assignment. Being that there are tons of video and audio editing software out there I wasn’t able to fully breakdown how to use each software being that each one is different. There are however many different tutorial videos on YouTube that breakdown more in-depth features of particular software’s. The intention of this tutorial is to give you a sort of checklist that helps you organize and map out the assignment. To see my take on the assignment and my finished version you can check out my blog post where I fully discuss my initial thoughts on the assignment. Blog post Link here.



The Truffle Shuffle

For this assignment I had to take a scene from a show or film and change the way the scene played out or basically change it in someway. I decided that the film I would alter would be the Goonies, and the scene I would alter would be the truffle shuffle. Luckily I have a coworker who could perfectly display the skill that is the Truffle Shuffle and he was more then willing to do so. I found this to just be hilarious so I hope you enjoy it because it was so funny to record. Enjoy the new and improved modern Truffle Shuffle. I attempted to swede the Scene.

Fake Propaganda Video

For this assignment I was tasked with creating a fake propaganda video, either being comedic or serious. I decided to go the serious route and made a quick video promoting the US military. I used scenes from well-known war films and edited them together to create an emotionally driven fake propaganda video that encourages people to fight for their country. The editing for this particular assignment was kind of difficult as I tried to edit out most of the gore and violence from the scenes. Once I did that the rest was fairly easy. I used a army instrumental that I think adds to the emotional persuasion. I used this war based propaganda because it ties to my character Rocket Richard because he too values the country and fights for those who cant. If my character wasn’t a vigilante I could see him enrolling into some branch of the military. If you are easily offended or feel uncomfortable at the sight of blood or violence then you may want to skip this video.

The Rocket Richard Movie

For this assignment I had to design, edit and produce a movie trailer for my created character Rocket Richard. Basically this trailer is for an origin film for the character, so in it I used a lot of scenes that depicted his early years and scenes that shaped his character. For this I used scenes from a handful of feature films, which I cited at the end of my trailer, and combined them to tell one giant story. The story starts out showing Rocket as a young child with his parents. It then shows how as a young child he was bullied and harassed. The trailer continues through his early years showing him playing hockey and taking a fishing trip with his father, who works at NASA. Early in the trailer we see Rockets father pass away in a car accident and how it shapes Rockets character. We then see a rocket launch accident which Rocket is attending and something from the crash affects Rocket. From this he gains powers which he uses to play professional hockey and use the money to fuel his vigilante life style. There were a lot of creative choices in this trailer, I had to do a lot of searching to find scenes and scenes with similar looking actors. Once I found the scenes I wanted I already had a vision in my head of how they would play out so editing was a cake walk. If notice there are a lot of Easter eggs in the trailer from previous posts Ive made about him, one of which being his Chevelle SS at the end of the trailer. Overall I had a blast with this assignment and I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Distorting and Reversing the Celebration

For this assignment I had to take a quick video clip and reverse it making it off putting and odd. I decided to take the clip of Alex Ovechkin winning the Stanley cup because for one I love that moment and two I thought the celebration would look weird if it were reversed. I used OpenShot to edit and alter the video and I think it turned out well. The video looks odd and seems like the event was almost a dream. I distorted as well trying to make it seem like what you are watching isn’t real. I hope enjoy watching it a much as I enjoyed making it.

Link to Video Here.

Song/Scene Mashup

For this assignment I had to take a song and trailer and combine them in a way that seemed fluent. I ended up picking a scene from the Walking Dead, keeping with the theme from my previous assignment. The song I selected was Let The Bodies Hit The Floor, by Drowning Pool. In the scene the community becomes over run by zombies and the main characters have to fight their way through the hundreds of zombies. The song fits perfectly with the scene as hundreds of zombie bodies are hitting the floor and I tried cutting it to fit with the scenes actions. I used OpenShot Video editor to edit the scene and song together and I think it turned out very well. I could actually see this song being played over this scene which is basically what this assignment was all about.

Link to Video Here.

Spoiling Big Daddy

For this weeks assignments we had the option of joining a group and creating a video project or completing video based assignments. Being that I live off campus I decided to take the assignment route and had a blast doing so. For my first assignment I really wanted to do something new, add something to the video assignment list. I ended up creating a new assignment in which you take clips or scenes from a film or show and then create a voice over in which you discuss the overall plot of the story. I thought of this while watching Big Daddy and thought that this would be a really great addition to the assignment bank. For my project I ended up using Movavi, a video editing software, and used key scenes from Big Daddy to show the plot of the story. I then recorded a quick voice over and discussed the plot and key information regarding the characters and plot. I had blast creating it and I hope others decide to give it a try.