Car Lust

Growing up my family, mostly my dad and grandfather, have been obsessed with cars. I remember visiting car museums and always being fascinated by the vehicle industry. My dad growing up had a 1971 Chevelle SS and he loooooved that car. He eventually sold it when he started a family and to this day he speaks fondly of his previous vehicle. At the time I do not have the money to afford such a dream car but, Rocket Richard who is a professional hockey player does. So I like to think that this is the car Rocket has. Batman has the Bat-mobile and Rocket has a 1971 Chevelle SS.

Here in all its glory is Rockets 1971 Chevelle SS, his vigilante crime fighting machine.

Five Picture Story

A long time ago when I was in High school me and a few buddies of mine decided to play a prank on one of our friends. The idea was to make him think that I had died and later I would appear as though I was a ghost and no one else would see me. Our friend would think that he was talking to a ghost and it would freak him out. At the time our friend was drinking a little and we knew he would be an easy target. The prank ended up working and for an hour he thought I was a ghost. He would do tests and even take pictures of me to try and figure out what was going on. Eventually we told him and we to this day wont let him live it down. It was one of the funniest pranks Ive ever pulled.

These picture represent the story that night.

Picture one: My friends driving around with the target.

Picture two: Me calling my friends to initiate and start the prank, the I am dead phone call.

Picture three: When my friends arrived to the location I was standing under a light post in the rain, it was very ghost like.

Picture four: Me talking to my friend and him thinking that hes talking to a ghost.

Picture five: The group finally telling him it was a joke and him getting laughed at for the foreseeable future.

Overall I like telling stories, especially ones Ive experienced and I found this particular assignment perfect for allowing me to tell one of my all time favorite stories. Pulling pictures together was really fun and I enjoyed the process of trying to use five photos to tell a hilarious story.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…..Cat?

While patrolling my neighborhood looking for mythical beasts I discovered what I think to be the terrifying Bigfoot. I was able to get a close up of the beast before it aggressively ran towards me, I just barley survived the encounter. If anyone is around the Spotsylvania VA area please be alert as there could possibly be a Bigfoot roaming in the area.

This assignment I had a lot of fun with. I wasn’t initially sure what I was trying to capture and how I would go about capturing it. I finally had the idea to incorporate my animals, mostly because they kept begging for attention. I decided to go with a close up of the eyes as cats eyes are somewhat odd, or who knows maybe I really ran into a Bigfoot.

Rocket Richard in Collage Form

Out of the two assignment options I found the collage assignment to be the most doable and relatable in regards to my character. The character Rocket Richard represents courage, strength, perseverance and hope. My character is one who grew up in tough circumstances and with the help of powers bestowed upon him he prevailed. He uses his gifts for good and rewards those and protects those who are in need of his service. In addition to helping those in need he is one of the greatest hockey players in the world, he plays hockey as a means of cover and money in which he uses on the less fortunate. The collage I created represents what he stands for and the tools he uses during his daily life. The collage is a mixture of sport and vigilante behavior. The site I used to create the collage is a free to use site called BeFunky, it is an easy to use site and I really recommend it to anyone who enjoys making collages.

Overall I found the assignment rather enjoyable and really fun in regards to incorporating my character into it. It was really fun digging around online and really thinking about what images really represented my character.

Summarize a movie with Animated GIFs

For this assignment I was tasked with telling a story of a film using only Gifs. I wanted to incorporate my created character into this specific assignment because I think it would be a cool way of physically showing my characters backstory. So I will be taking gifs from other films and putting them together to tell Rocket Richards story. Each scene will be labeled with an explanation. In total there will be eight gifs each highlighting important events in Rockets backstory.

Gif 1: As a young boy Rocket was bullied and harassed.

Gif 2: Rocket found happiness in watching and playing hockey with his father.

Gif 3: Rocket finds joy in hockey but inst very good.

Gif 4: Rockets father dies.

Gif 5: Rocket visits his fathers work frequently to cope with the pain.

Gif 6: Rocket gets hit by something falling off of a rocket.

Gif 7: Whatever hit Rocket made him strong, fast and agile.

Gif 8: Rocket becomes extremely good at hockey because of his new powers.

Overall I found this assignment to be very fun, creative and engaging. I loved the idea of incorporating my character as it seemed like I was making my own movie via other movies gifs.



Photo-shopping a Stanley Cup Champion

Closing out a fun and exciting week of assignments I decided to end my journey in the photography department. Photography has always been an interest of mine and I thought it would make for a great and exciting final category. Scrolling through the options in the Visual category there wasn’t much that really caught my eye, that was until I saw an assignment that involved photo-shop. The assignment is called Colorize your World. The task for the assignment was to take and image and play around with the colors. I assume the color in this instance represents the mood or theme of the image, which is the way I based my photo-shop decisions off of. I wanted to select an image that represented my passion and interests, which is why I selected a photograph of Alex Ovechkin hoisting the Stanley Cup. For those of you that don’t know me, which is probably 99.9% of you, I am a huge hockey person and love everything Washington Capitals. This past summer was the greatest time to be a fan of the team, which Ive been since I was five, as the team finally captured the franchises first Stanley Cup.

2018 Stanley Cup Champions.

Keeping with the summer theme, which is champions, I wanted to select a photo of the teams celebration as well as my favorite player and captain of the Capitals, Alex Ovechkin.

I found a photo of Ovechkin skating around with the cup during his first few moments of hoisting the trophy. I wanted to alter the color of the original to represent the Capitals slogan which is, “Rock the Red”. Using a photo-shop app on my phone i altered the colors of thee photo by giving it a red tint as well as highlighting and brightening up the image.

Here is the original image.
Here is the photo-shopped image.

Overall I found this task and assignment to be the most relaxing as I was able to take 10 minutes and peacefully alter and change a photograph that upon looking at brings up fantastic memories.