How it all Began

During the year 2019 a zombie outbreak occurred all across the world, this left the living fighting off the dead. The zombies that are in this world are like that of the Walking Dead zombies, not the Usain Bolt World War Z movies.  During the outbreak over two/thirds of the population was lost, people either died off from the zombies, starvation or other survivors. Over the last year those who survived the initial outbreak began banding together to fight off the dead and the living in attempt to rebuild  and restart society. This is where we meet the leaders of this societal rebuild. For anyone who has ever watched a zombie film or apocalyptic movie, you know that those films usually follow  group of survivors  hell-bent on surviving against all odds. The leader of our group is named Alex, a former lawyer, who uses his quick thinking and intelligence to lead our group through this apocalyptic wasteland. After the outbreak Alex rushed home from his offices trying to get to family, his wife Linda and his son Brian. On his way there he was in a terrible accident that found him being unconscious in his vehicle for several days. When he awoke he was fine only suffering a concussion from the accident. He again rushed home running across the zombie filled city trying to get to his family. On the way they he ran across a homeless man named Mike trying to fight off a group of the undead. Alex being the great person he is jumped in a saved the man and also allowed him to tag along. The two made it back to Alex’s house to find his wife Linda a zombie banging on their sons door, trying to get in. Alex then had to do the toughest thing he had ever done in his life, put down his zombie wife. After doing so Alex, Mike and Brian began making their way out of the city, thinking that it would be safer. The three eventually became surrounded by a herd of zombies near the city lines, thinking that they were about to die the three prepared to fight to the death. Out of nowhere bullets rang through the herd mowing down zombie after zombie. When the gunfire came to an end there was nothing but smoke and blood, they looked to their left to see two woman, Dianna and Heather, holding two AK47’s. The two were former member’s of the army before the world went to hell. The two joined the group bringing the number of survivors to five. The group eventually made it to Canada, where they would eventually setup a community of survivors with the goal of restarting society.