Final Project Summary

For this final project I had a great time creating it. Initially I was a little stumped on how to go about the process and at first spent a decent amount of time just brainstorming ideas and figuring out what all I wanted to incorporate. Like I previously mentioned in my project post I eventually would settle on the three forms of media; web, audio and image. I love radio and the idea of telling a story through that form of media so I genuinely enjoyed that portion of my project. I really enjoyed creating a script for the project and getting the opportunity to further flesh out my character and expand the universe he resides in. The recording process was an interesting one as recording large portions of dialogue take a decent amount of time due to messing up takes and wanting to produce quality sound. After the portion was completed I really enjoyed using X-Ray Goggles and altering webpages, it gave me the opportunity to create Easter eggs and really flesh out the universe. I wanted to embed the actual webpages but wasn’t entirely sure how so I know links weren’t permitted but it was the only way I knew how to attach that portion of the story. These pieces play as a bonus story the flesh events in the story and expand a little more on the character Rocket Richard, basically making feel real. I cant say enough how much I loved creating this project as it really gave me the opportunity to be creative allowing me to use the different forms of media we covered this semester.

Final Project: Rocket Richards Origin Story

For my final project I spent the first few weeks brainstorming, mapping out and planning my approach for my project. At first I wasn’t sure which path I would take for my project but as the parts slowly came together I knew what I wanted to create. At first I wanted to create a video/movie of my characters story but due to price and lack of resources I decided that would be to difficult to accomplish, at least if I was going for quality. Eventually I started at radio/audio. I really enjoyed our midterm project and thought that would be a great place to start. Once I had that in place I started working on the script for the story. It ended up  taking a decent amount of time to work out the story and flesh out the characters a tad. I didn’t want it to be extremely long and I wanted to make it clear and to the point. Recording took awhile mostly due to trying to edit the audio so it was clear. After that I decided to use the film aspect by incorporating pictures/photography as a means of depicting what was occurring alongside the audio. I spent a good few hours finding images and editing them together with the audio. I wanted to also add another form of storytelling to the project by using one of my favorite software’s we used this semester, X-Ray Goggles. I wanted to give the reader/viewer another means of storytelling so I decided to edit a few webpages to fit within the universe of my characters story, I put in a decent amount of Easter eggs too so keep an eye out for those. I really had fun with that portion as creating ads and playing with the universe was a fun side activity that I found myself lost in for awhile. Overall I am very satisfied with my assignment and feel my use of audio, film, image and web allowed me to tell the story I wanted to tell. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Check out these below. They further delve into the universe of Rocket Richard.

Rocket Richard Newspaper #1

Rocket Richard

Venice accident



Week 12 Summary

This week was a little hectic as my internet provider Comcast was frequently on and off again throughout the week. However once the internet was restored I was able to roll through the work mostly because I had it mapped out and finished while the internet was down allowing me the ability to simply post once it came back on. For the daily creates this week I got to be creative and create some interesting images of cats and dogs raining as well as looking up some former Capital players. The link for this weeks daily creates can be found here.

For this weeks main theme we had to create a tutorial of something we either struggled with or enjoyed doing from this semesters work. I ended up providing a tutorial on one of the assignments I created and participated in, spoiling a movies plot. I enjoyed this assignment and thought that others might struggle with it because there are a lot of moving parts in the assignment. My tutorial breaks down the steps of preparing and organizing the process of the assignment and provides helpful sources for further information. The link to the tutorial can be found here.

The assignments this week focused on mash-ups. For mine I tried to stay with the theme of Photoshop, since I started my free 7-day trial with Adobe Photoshop, I wanted to get my trials worth. My assignments stayed with the theme of mashing up characters and scenes from different movies or shows. I ended up combining the film Jaws with the film Titanic, I placed Marty Mcfly in the Fast and Furious universe and I further indulged in my sports addiction by combining my favorite teams. I had blast doing all of the mashup assignments and they really helped my learn more about Photoshop and visual arts.


Marty Mcfly/Fast and Furious

Favorite sports teams mashup

The last section of this weeks assignments probably allowed the class to be the most creative yet. The remix section allowed us to select an assignment and then randomly mix it with another assignment making a brand new and unique take on an assignment. In this I combined my character both times by adding him in a voting campaign image, also giving him a stache, and I to a trip to the past and revisited his car lust post and gave him a ride along partner in Waldo. Both of the remix assignments were fun and it was exciting to see what the assignment I selected would be remixed with.

Rocket voting ad/stache remix

Car lust/Waldo remix

Overall it was a great week for creativity and I loved being able to indulge in some of my favorite themes this week.

Week 11 Summary

For this week we again stayed with video production as our theme, basically the in’s and out’s of the world of film and production. I for one am a person who loves film and video editing so this week was again a blast, however the download and upload time really drags out some of the assignments. For this weeks daily creates we went on a personal trip to the future as well as a return trip to the past as we looked back on some memories and looked forward to creating new ones. The breakdown of this weeks daily creates can be found here.

The assignments this week were also great as I got to once again create and edit together some awesome videos. I created a fake propaganda video revolving around war and fighting for our country. I created a trailer for my created character Rocket Richard which allows you to get a glimpse at his origin story. Finally I got to swede a scene from one of my favorite childhood movies, the Goonies. I edited and altered the Truffle Shuffle scene using one of my coworkers. In all I enjoyed of the assignments this week and hopefully I’ll get another chance to create and produce videos.

Truffle Shuffle

Propaganda Video

Rocket Richard Trailer

Week 10 Summary

This week was probably my favorite week yet. I love everything involving film and video editing and this week allowed me the opportunity to indulge in those two passions. I had a lot of previous knowledge when it came to video editing so this week wasn’t too difficult. The only thing I disliked was the upload times, it took forever to upload my assignments on YouTube and Vimeo. This week we really looked into the components of scenes and how specific elements trigger emotions and how specific aspects represent certain themes. I actually enjoyed watching the recommended videos this week as they really informed me on a lot of great information in regards to film making. This week I ended doing my very own scene analysis on one of my favorite scenes from the Walking Dead. The link to my video essay can be found here.

The majority of assignments this week involved video editing so I had an awesome time doing that, I tried involving my passions into everyone I created. the first was a Big Daddy movie breakdown in which I discuss the films plot and characters. The second assignment found myslef combining a scene from the Walking Dead with a rock song that just so happened to fit smoothly with what was going on. Finally the third and final assignment involved me taking a clip from the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup celebration and reversing and altering it to make it seem odd and off putting.

Big Daddy Breakdown

Walking dead/Song Mashup

Washington Capitals in Slow Motion

It wouldn’t be Halloween week if the daily creates didn’t incorporate the holiday festivals. This weeks daily creates can be found here.

Overall this week was awesome, I truly enjoy film and I had a great time creating and editing different forms of film.


Week 7 Summary

This week was not the greatest in regards to my blogging experience as I had several difficulties uploading and accessing my site. Ultimately tough I was able to eventually get everything done and uploaded properly even though this guy kept popping up.

I guess I’ll first start off by recapping my weeks work. This week I completed three daily creates all similar but slightly different in their own ways. The creates involved meme creation, light research on the job market and a fun little chain meme the class collaborated on. A more thorough assessment can be found here if you’re interested.

This weeks major standout was probably the radio group assignment that my colleagues and myself will collaborate on this upcoming week. To summarize the assignment we will be creating a short radio podcast involving our created characters which should allow them to become even more fleshed out. To get a more detailed plan on what Ive been doing and what I’ll be doing in regards to this assignment click here.

Keeping in line with the radio show we all created a bumper/poster/logo which could possibly be used for our program. You can check out my design here.

Lastly this week involved me completing three audio assignments which I absolutely loved. In all I ended up creating two songs and and one Halloween themed beat. I actually really enjoyed the assignments this week and I think they turned out really interesting and Id really recommend a listen.

Halloween Beat

Rapper Collaboration

Radio music

Overall I think the week went really well minus the issues my site experienced. I guess the one positive thing I gathered from this week was the knowledge of solving a server 500 error message on WordPress.


Week Six Summary

This week was an extremely fun week. I got to read a lot of interesting literature on the world of design and it really shed light on how important design really is. A write up of my literature review for this week can be found here.

This week also introduced a new photo Blitz in which I got to capture photos from my local grocery store and determine which design concepts they represented. A link to that post can be found here.

The daily creates for this week were also extremely fun as I was able to place myself and others into odd and strange settings through Photoshop. Those creates can be viewed here.

The assignments this week were also really fun as they allowed me to incorporate my created character into a few of them. I didn’t find any of them extremely challenging I actually found them to be stimulating and relaxing. The post for those assignments can be found below.

  1. Hockey in Space
  2. Rocket and Sportsmanship
  3. The Perseverance of Alex Ovechkin

All in all this week was extremely fun and it really allowed me to look at the power of design in new and interesting ways. All of the activities and assignments I enjoyed and I hope everyone likes the work I completed this week.

Week Five Summary

This week was my week, audio, and I had a blast doing the assignments and listening to the radio as well as the videos we were instructed to watch. I found the information from the videos to be really eye opening. We really don’t realize how important sound truly is to the experience of life and story. Audio plays a large role in our lives. Its honestly the most important thing in film and in stories because it really fleshes out scenes and events. From background music to sound effects it all enhances the experience of story.

Luckily for me I already had audacity and logic installed and I am familiar with both software’s.  I was able to really experiment with audio this week due to me being able to bypass the whole learning curve of audio software.

This weeks daily creates were really fun and engaging. I had a fun time incorporating film and music with my posts as well as mixing and matching certain things. The link that goes way more depth about those daily creates can be found here.

The Radio bumper activity was really fun and engaging. It was fun brainstorming ideas for what I would say and how I would say it. That bumper can be found here.

The assignments this week were really fun and creative as I created a song using sound effects and used sound files to create a new sound effect which I interpret as a Star Wars Laser.Both of these activities I had a ball doing and I think all three turned out to be very unique and creative. Overall I am happy with how they all turned out.

This week we were also instructed to listen to the ds106 radio show and I had a great time tuning in. Especially on long road trips to soccer games. The review of the shows can be found here.

The last assignment and probably my favorite assignment I did was the create a story using sound effects. I genuinely had a great time doing this. I spent a great deal of time looking through different files trying to find the perfect sounds I needed to tell my story. I ended using this assignment to incorporate my character into as I wanted to flesh out his back story more and this was the perfect opportunity. The link to the audio file and blog post can be found here.

To top off the week we had to brainstorm different ideas about our radio programming and I think I came up with two solid ideas that I think would make for an interesting thirty minute radio segment. A more detailed brainstorm can be found here.

Overall I loved this weeks focus on audio. I previously took several audio creating and editing classes and this allowed me to apply what Ive learned to my assignments. I loved being able to create and edit new types of audio and really enjoyed being able to tell stories solely through audio. Honestly this was the best week yet and I look forward to incorporating more audio in future assignments.

Week 3: Blog and Summary

This past week was a very interesting one being the hurricane we were expected to get. However even we were hit by minor setbacks everything went fairly smooth. The readings and videos for this week were very informative and enlightened me a lot on the topics of themes, myths and storytelling in the modern world. I did a brief summary on those readings and also compared what I learned from the readings to one of my favorite stories, The Walking Dead. During that exercise I discussed why I enjoyed the story, what the story did well, what it didn’t, the characters, the themes and pretty much summarized what aspects tie into week threes readings. You can find all of that information on the readings as well as The Walking Dead summary here.

The best part about this week was the exercise involving the creation of our own character. Over the course of this exercise I created the character Rocket Richard and provided him with a backstory and open-ended inclusion for a future stories. I provided the character with a mythology and lore as well as discussed in later assignments, his characteristics and traits. Overall I had a blast doing this particular assignment and loved incorporating the character in other activities.  You can find a full right up on my Rocket Richard here.

For the writing assignments I really wanted to Incorporated my character into the majority of them, if not all. I found two really interesting assignments that gave me the capability to do so in way I found engaging and creative. The first assignment I selected was one in which I was tasked with creating a brief summary of a movie using only gifs. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to flesh my character out even more by actually showing physical scenes and images. This gave me a lot of creative options as I used the site Giphy to find gifs from movies and shows. I found ones that represented my characters backstory and then linked in order providing brief summaries for each. I was extremely happy with the outcome and I believe the gifs I used captured my characters story. You can find my GIF story here.The second assignment was one in which I fleshed out my character even more by given him a proper backstory as well as traits, characteristics and occupations. I found this one important because I was able to create a brief wiki page for my character making him feel even more real. That work and summary can be found here.

The daily creates for this week were creative and fun and I found myself looking forward to each new one. The first daily create was on 9/11 and I was to post a GIF in remembrance of the awful tragedy that occurred that day. That daily create can be found here.

The second daily create was creating a badge for anyone or anything. I decided to make a page for my favorite movie of all time, 1978’s Halloween. It was the first horror movie I ever saw and it immediately became my favorite. I am also looking forward to seeing the new movie coming out in the theaters this October. That create can be found here.

My final daily create was somewhat of a lucky occurrence story. So over the weekend I went down to West Virginia University to see some friends. While down there I was looking at my daily create list to see what daily create was assignment. I saw that it involved food art and while reading it I happened to see a waffle maker that made art o the waffle. I thought that it would be perfect for the daily create. Very spontaneous. Link here.

Overall I found this week to be very creative and engaging. I love storytelling and creating new characters and even discussing old ones. The readings really got me thinking about what makes a good story and how to get an audience engaged. the assignments and creates were also very fun and helped me flesh out my character even more. Overall it was a great week and I look forward to the next one.


Week Two: Blog and Summary

Do you wanna know how to create the best blog ever? Do you need advice on how to be a blog master?

If you answered yes, which I did, then you need to check out Alan Levine’s post, How To Write Up Assignments Like a Blogging Champ.

Looking over Levine’s post was my first task this week and it was extremely informative and helpful in creating and crafting this weeks posts. There was a lot of insightful tips that I found useful throughout the post that helped shed light on the setup and closure of a blog post.There was also information about incorporating hyperlinks and outside information into your blog that I found insightful. If anyone needs future help with creating well crafted and typed blog then I strongly suggest giving Levine’s post a read.

After spending some time reading and looking over Levine’s post, I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out which assignment I wanted to create. For those of you unaware, all ds106 students were scheduled and sorted into groups representing the units we would be studying and analyzing in future lessons. I luckily was sorted into the audio group as I have taken two previous music tech courses at the University of Mary Washington so I already have a decent amount of knowledge on the topic. While trying to brainstorm an idea for an assignment I happened to stumble across one of my old projects I had completed in my audio recording class. The project involved taking a Donald Trump speech and cutting and splicing it in any way we wanted. This project gave me the idea for my assignment as I could easily tie it in with our theme for the course; myth, legend and folklore. My assignment idea would have participants taking audio files pertaining to our theme, be it stories or creepy noises, and altering them in anyway they wanted. This would allow students to follow the guidelines of the theme but would also allow for endless creativity.  If anyone is interested in checking my assignment out you can access it here under its assignment name “Speech and Story audio Distortion“.

One of the biggest aspects of this class is to constantly be in a state of digital creativity, whether its creating a blog post, tweeting an image or uploading a YouTube video, creativity should always be on the mind. Making sure that our creative juices stayed flowing we were given daily tasks in which each day represented a new and exciting task, each one different from the previous. The list of these weekly tasks can be found here at The Daily Create.


The first task I selected was probably my favorite of the three I completed as it dealt with audio. The task instructed us to record a knocking sound, in efforts to make a creepy or strange audio file. Once recorded we were to upload it to our social media accounts to hare with the class. For my audio file I wanted to make it odd and strange, I wanted to give a horror movie type sound. I started playing around with different types of knocks until I settled with a scratchy, slow and patchy knocking sound. I also used a fan to create a nit of atmosphere as I was knocking away at my door. I wanted to create the sense that someone was at the door but you didn’t know who or what there intentions were. You can listen for yourself by clicking the play button below or visiting my soundcloud. 

The second daily create I participated in involved taking a picture that captured two of the same objects or things. For this one it took a lot of thing because I didn’t wanna just throw two books together and call it a day, I wanted to capture something outside of my home that wasn’t created or altered by me. Luckily I was at the gym around the time I checked to see what the daily creates instructions were and I was able to snap a picture of two bicycle machines that my friend and I had been using prior to my picture. I like to think this picture was creative as it incorporates one of my hobbies and was spontaneous.

Daily Create #2
check out my twitter @FaulconerKyle

Finally my last daily create was being able to draw an extremely small object as small as I possibly could. Being that summer just passed shark week is still on my mind so I wanted to channel those shark thoughts and put them towards this particular drawing assignment. This task was a tad challenging because for one I’m not a very good artist to begin with and two drawing small makes everything look the same. This one took me a few tries but I was finally able to create a picture that was identifiable, at least to me. Again keeping in the spirit of shark week I decided to draw a shark breaching water attacking a seal. Overall the shark wasn’t terribly difficult to draw it was the turtle that I had issues with. Here is a look at my drawing below.

The super small shark I decided to draw.

You can find all of my daily creates by visiting my twitter page here.

After completing all of the daily creates I decided to turn my attention to the activities we were instructed to complete. Below are links to the three activities I selected as well as why selected them and the process of completing them. These activities were overall enjoyable and really got me thinking creative.

  1. Call me Doodle Bob
  2. Lets Repeat Stuff
  3. Photo-Shopping a Stanley Cup Champion

Finally I decided to update my site a little bit. I changed the name around to show my interests in sports as well as changed the header of the page to represent my passion for hockey and the Washington Capitals. Being that Ive had this site for almost a year now Ive pretty much got it to where I want it to be, visually speaking. In regards to participation I was constantly checking out twitter and slack while posting comments.

Summary: Overall I thought this week went by way easier and more efficiently than the first week as I’m becoming more familiar with the format and media we are using. I decided to start way earlier this time as well to give myself the necessary time to complete all the assignments to the best of my ability. The daily creates i found the most enjoyable because they gave me something to do each day that involved social media and being creative. The process of updating my site was also enjoyable as I got to freshen it up to more of my liking.Overall great week and I will look fondly of week two and forward to week three.