A Journey with Photography

Looking at my history with photography I wouldn’t consider myself much of a photographer in the professional sense. Most of the images I capture are those for social media platforms such as SnapChat and on occasion Instagram. When comes to the quantity of photos I take the number is relatively small. I find film to be a better means of telling a story by I do occasionally try and capture my intent through photos. Most of the time my pictures represent my life’s story. Typically if I take a photo its of what I am doing or who I am with, so I can share with friends and family. In doing that I wouldn’t say I have a particular approach or intent so to speak but I do try to capture fun or humor when I do show intent. My father has recently taken up photography as a hobby as he enjoys visiting different battlefields and historic places while capturing photos of his journey. After reading Becoming a Better Photographer and Photography and narrative: What is involved in telling a story? Ive taken away some tips and suggestions to maybe help me capture my intentions a little more clearer. For starters I’m gonna really think about an image before I post it. The readings spoke about quality over quantity and really analyzing a photograph. Also contrast and filters play a large role in how an image is perceived. When I do post pictures I typically have a tone that brightens the brights and darkens the dark’s. I just enjoy that setting and mood it creates. I also like the idea of changing perspectives, the point of view, I think in doing so this can create a whole new feel to an image.

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