Call me Doodle Bob!

When I first began looking through the vast array of assignments my goal was simple, find the three assignments that I felt would be the quickest while at the same time making sure that they were enjoyable. The first category I looked through was the Web Category, I don’t know why this was my first choice it just seemed appealing at the time. Upon glancing through the assignments one in particular caught my eye, it was titled Google Draw Something, which you can view and try for yourself here .

The objective was fairly simple and seemed interesting enough so I gave the task a shot and to my surprise spent a decent amount of time trying to transform my questionable web art into a masterpiece that even Picasso would envy. I ended up using this application for roughly fifteen minutes and despite my inability to create a masterpiece, I blame my laptops mouse-pad, I enjoyed every minute of my experience. I genuinely had a blast drawing random things while being given a 20 second timer. The experience honestly reminded me of a I-Phone app called Draw Something Classic, which you can check out if you enjoyed using Google Draw Something.

Here is my most successful attempt at Google Draw Something.

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