Creating your own Character

I found an interesting assignment which would allow me to flesh out my character more. I’m tasked with writing a brief backstory and then outlining my characters traits, likes, dislikes etc.

Backstory: For any of you that have read about my character, Rocket Richard you already have a general idea of who and what hes about. For those of you who don’t I will give you a brief rundown. Rocket was born in Florida next to a NASA launching site where his father worked. Growing up was tough for Rocket as he didn’t really fit in with other children. His dad frequently worked and his mother was seldom home which meant Rocket was generally a loner. His father would however spend time with Rocket whenever given the chance. The two enjoyed hockey, whether it was playing it or watching it. This was Rockets escape from reality, down time with his father enjoying hockey. Eventually Rockets father signed Rocket up for a local hockey team. Rocket wasn’t very talented and therefore didn’t really fit in or play very often. To make matters worse Rockets father would later die leaving Rocket without his best friend.  To cope with the pain Rocket would frequently sneak onto NASA launching grounds and watched the test launches that his father had previously done. One night something fell from the rocket and struck Rocket knocking him unconscious. When he later awoke he felt stronger, faster and much different. Whatever had hit Rocket that night gave him incredible powers. He then used those very powers to play hockey becoming one of the greatest of all time while also being a hero off the ice as well…but that’s another story for a different day.

Traits: respectful, strong, quick, agile, honest, loyal, kind

Likes: sports, hockey, helping people, space, rockets, NASA

Dislikes: debris

Occupation: Professional Hockey player and vigilante

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