Design and the World

This week the topic was design and with that we were instructed to review a few pieces of literature that corresponded with design and the principles that pertain to the subject. Previous to the readings I really didn’t think to much about design and the part it played. However, after reading through some of the readings Ive truly come see how significant design is in the world of marketing, art and production. Massimo Vignelli, a former Italian designer, was one of the pioneers I learned about this week. One of the things he said the really stuck out to me was when he spoke about the “new age of computers” and the overpopulation of design. He basically said that out of all the thousands of design templates, all we really need is one basic one, the simplistic ones. This really stuck out to me because the statement couldn’t be truer in today’s world of advertisements and promotions. I think that while flashy forms of design can be fascinating, they can become overbearing and can sometimes overshadow the central meaning behind the design. I found the article A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by Iconic Designer Chip Kidd to be really interesting as it spoke on design techniques and how certain designs appeal more to certain individuals and how certain forms of media use design. Overall the readings this week, while short, were really informative and fun to read.


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