Fake Propaganda Video

For this assignment I was tasked with creating a fake propaganda video, either being comedic or serious. I decided to go the serious route and made a quick video promoting the US military. I used scenes from well-known war films and edited them together to create an emotionally driven fake propaganda video that encourages people to fight for their country. The editing for this particular assignment was kind of difficult as I tried to edit out most of the gore and violence from the scenes. Once I did that the rest was fairly easy. I used a army instrumental that I think adds to the emotional persuasion. I used this war based propaganda because it ties to my character Rocket Richard because he too values the country and fights for those who cant. If my character wasn’t a vigilante I could see him enrolling into some branch of the military. If you are easily offended or feel uncomfortable at the sight of blood or violence then you may want to skip this video.

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