Final Project: Rocket Richards Origin Story

For my final project I spent the first few weeks brainstorming, mapping out and planning my approach for my project. At first I wasn’t sure which path I would take for my project but as the parts slowly came together I knew what I wanted to create. At first I wanted to create a video/movie of my characters story but due to price and lack of resources I decided that would be to difficult to accomplish, at least if I was going for quality. Eventually I started at radio/audio. I really enjoyed our midterm project and thought that would be a great place to start. Once I had that in place I started working on the script for the story. It ended up  taking a decent amount of time to work out the story and flesh out the characters a tad. I didn’t want it to be extremely long and I wanted to make it clear and to the point. Recording took awhile mostly due to trying to edit the audio so it was clear. After that I decided to use the film aspect by incorporating pictures/photography as a means of depicting what was occurring alongside the audio. I spent a good few hours finding images and editing them together with the audio. I wanted to also add another form of storytelling to the project by using one of my favorite software’s we used this semester, X-Ray Goggles. I wanted to give the reader/viewer another means of storytelling so I decided to edit a few webpages to fit within the universe of my characters story, I put in a decent amount of Easter eggs too so keep an eye out for those. I really had fun with that portion as creating ads and playing with the universe was a fun side activity that I found myself lost in for awhile. Overall I am very satisfied with my assignment and feel my use of audio, film, image and web allowed me to tell the story I wanted to tell. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Check out these below. They further delve into the universe of Rocket Richard.

Rocket Richard Newspaper #1

Rocket Richard

Venice accident



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