Final Project Summary

For this final project I had a great time creating it. Initially I was a little stumped on how to go about the process and at first spent a decent amount of time just brainstorming ideas and figuring out what all I wanted to incorporate. Like I previously mentioned in my project post I eventually would settle on the three forms of media; web, audio and image. I love radio and the idea of telling a story through that form of media so I genuinely enjoyed that portion of my project. I really enjoyed creating a script for the project and getting the opportunity to further flesh out my character and expand the universe he resides in. The recording process was an interesting one as recording large portions of dialogue take a decent amount of time due to messing up takes and wanting to produce quality sound. After the portion was completed I really enjoyed using X-Ray Goggles and altering webpages, it gave me the opportunity to create Easter eggs and really flesh out the universe. I wanted to embed the actual webpages but wasn’t entirely sure how so I know links weren’t permitted but it was the only way I knew how to attach that portion of the story. These pieces play as a bonus story the flesh events in the story and expand a little more on the character Rocket Richard, basically making feel real. I cant say enough how much I loved creating this project as it really gave me the opportunity to be creative allowing me to use the different forms of media we covered this semester.

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