Five Picture Story

A long time ago when I was in High school me and a few buddies of mine decided to play a prank on one of our friends. The idea was to make him think that I had died and later I would appear as though I was a ghost and no one else would see me. Our friend would think that he was talking to a ghost and it would freak him out. At the time our friend was drinking a little and we knew he would be an easy target. The prank ended up working and for an hour he thought I was a ghost. He would do tests and even take pictures of me to try and figure out what was going on. Eventually we told him and we to this day wont let him live it down. It was one of the funniest pranks Ive ever pulled.

These picture represent the story that night.

Picture one: My friends driving around with the target.

Picture two: Me calling my friends to initiate and start the prank, the I am dead phone call.

Picture three: When my friends arrived to the location I was standing under a light post in the rain, it was very ghost like.

Picture four: Me talking to my friend and him thinking that hes talking to a ghost.

Picture five: The group finally telling him it was a joke and him getting laughed at for the foreseeable future.

Overall I like telling stories, especially ones Ive experienced and I found this particular assignment perfect for allowing me to tell one of my all time favorite stories. Pulling pictures together was really fun and I enjoyed the process of trying to use five photos to tell a hilarious story.

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