Forced Collaboration of XXXtentacion, Lil Dicky, Smokepurp and Lil Uzi

For this assignment I had to force several musicians together to create one unified song. I decided I would select my favorite style of music, that being rap, and try to pin artists that typically wouldn’t be together in a song. I ended up choosing the late XXXtentacion and Smokepurp as two artists that would collab together and added them with artist Lil Dicky. The styles of the three rappers are fairly different from each other and combining them together I felt would be interesting. I used audacity to compile all of my recordings, which took forever due to finding clips of freestyles that had little to no music in the background. Once I found the recording of the lyrics I had to find a beat which suited the three together, which I think I found. Overall the process was extremely fun and I hope everyone enjoys this odd collaboration.

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