IT: An examination of Photography

For this activity I decided to take the suggestion of taking a film and analyzing the elements in its photography that are tied to the examples and information related in this weeks previous readings. The film I have selected is 2017’s smash hit IT. The film follows a group of misfit kids that form a group known as the losers club and their encounter with an entity that feeds on peoples fears known as IT.  The film was well received and won many awards as it was the Stephen king adaptation that for years many of us wanted. In this summary I will analyze elements of particular scenes and describe how the correlate to specific features in photography.

Image one: Contrast

This scene depicts the first time we encounter Pennywise, also known as IT. In the scene they use contrast to highlight the white makeup of the clown but use the darkness to create the unknown feeling of his true intentions.

Image two: Perspective

This scene shows the viewer the perspective that pennywise has during his encounter with the young boy Georgie. Its kind of like the perceptive of the predator eyeing its prey.

Image three: Depth

The next image shows pennywise coming out of a projector. The images furthest and nearest points are extremely sharp.

Image four: Balance

The next image shows a scene where one of the main characters Beverley gets splashed with blood from her sink. The objects in the scene are of equal visual weight. 

Image five: Moment

This image captures the moment or feel of terror and horror when one of the characters, Richie, comes face to face with It for the first time in what is a old run down house.

Image six: Lighting

This scene represents the use of lighting as pennywise is covered in darkness again creating the sense of fear and the unknown. The lighting adds a creepy vibe as things are hard to make out and seem unknown.

Image seven: foreground/background

This is probably my favorite scene of the movie as the director uses this technique so that the audience cant make out what exactly is in the scene as its hidden in the background only for it to eventually enter the foreground and deliver a creepy scare.

Image eight: Selection

Finally the last image and scene depicts pennywise leaping towards the scene using dark lighting and imagery. The movie is meant to be dark and gloomy and the way in which the shot the film represents that feel through its photography techniques and selections.

The way in which IT is shot is meant to depict dark imagery. The selection of techniques help correlate these moods and images to the screen and help flesh out its tone and purpose. I had a really fun time doing this assignment as it allowed me the chance analyze one of my favorite films and dissect its photography techniques.

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