Jaws Caused the Titanic to Sink???

For this assignment I had to mix together two key scenes from two movies, basically combining them together to make an out of place scene occur but at the same time making it seem subtle. For this I ended combining everyone favorite tragic love story, the Titanic, with everyone’s favorite shark movie, Jaws. Every time I watch the Titanic I always ask myself “what about the sharks? I don’t know what would be scarier, drowning as the ship goes down or waiting for a shark to pick me off”. Even though the location of where the titanic sank is to cold for sharks, especially the Great White, Titanic survivors wouldn’t really have to worry about sharks unless they drifted further out. You may think that a great white shark in these waters would be extremely unlikely or even impossible, but Jaws isn’t your everyday shark. Just imagine, youre on the Titanic and having the time of your life when the boat hits something…is it an iceberg? NO its freaking Jaws. Good luck surviving the sinking cause that shark never stops eating.

Again for this assignment I used adobe Photoshop so similar beginner issues occurred. I did find myself enjoying this particular activity the most of the three mashup assignments I completed.

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