Let’s Repeat Stuff…

Have you ever found yourself listening to a musician or a specific song and then suddenly out of no-where your mood or mindset changes?

Well you most likely answered yes, and this is because music has the power to alter our emotional perceptions and mindsets. Specific genres of music can dictate how we feel and how we perceive things. For example, if your depressed because your significant other broke your heart and you decide to listen to depressing music that music is more than likely going to make you even more depressed. The same would go if the music and scenario were swapped with more joyful and upbeat vibe, the “happy” music would heighten your positive emotions. An interesting study I found really goes into detail on the effects music has on our emotions. That study can be found here.

The reason I’m discussing music and its correlation with emotion is because while searching through the DS106 Assignment bank I stumbled across an assignment labeled, “How Does a Song Make you Feel?” This really got me thinking about this correlation and how I myself perceived and experienced music. The task for the assignment was simple, select a song and describe how it makes you feel. At first I wasn’t sure what song to choose but eventually I decided to analyze “Repeat Stuff”, performed by Bo Burnham. For anyone unfamiliar with Bo Burnham you can learn more about him here.

The song is performed as a comedy but really has a deeper meaning behind it as it describes how today’s music industry is a shell of its former self and how it now sacrifices art for generic, profit earning lyrics and themes. The song itself makes me feel two different types of emotions, one being happy and the other being enlightened. Bo Burnham is one of my favorite comics and every single one of his songs makes me laugh and think. They make me laugh because the songs themselves are comedic but they also make me think because almost every single one of his songs have a deeper more intellectual meaning behind it.

Check out the song for yourself here and comment below how it makes you feel.

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