Making an Alternate Site

For this weeks bonus assignment I had to remix or alter a web page of my choice. I ended up selecting an Amazon page selling a Rick Grimes action figure and ended altering it to make it seem like a real life person was being sold. The idea is like one of those toys you place in water and it grows, basically its a toy that you place in water and it becomes a real living human. I had a really fun time editing and changing the site around to make it match my products description. It took awhile to change the information but I had a blast doing it. If anyone is a fan of The Walking Dead or just wants a new friend, my product is for you.

Here is the new altered site page, Here.

Here is the original site page, Here.

Overall I enjoyed this project, it allowed me to be creative and design something that I found humorous. I hope you guys enjoy and think about purchasing one of your own.


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