Photo-shopping a Stanley Cup Champion

Closing out a fun and exciting week of assignments I decided to end my journey in the photography department. Photography has always been an interest of mine and I thought it would make for a great and exciting final category. Scrolling through the options in the Visual category there wasn’t much that really caught my eye, that was until I saw an assignment that involved photo-shop. The assignment is called Colorize your World. The task for the assignment was to take and image and play around with the colors. I assume the color in this instance represents the mood or theme of the image, which is the way I based my photo-shop decisions off of. I wanted to select an image that represented my passion and interests, which is why I selected a photograph of Alex Ovechkin hoisting the Stanley Cup. For those of you that don’t know me, which is probably 99.9% of you, I am a huge hockey person and love everything Washington Capitals. This past summer was the greatest time to be a fan of the team, which Ive been since I was five, as the team finally captured the franchises first Stanley Cup.

2018 Stanley Cup Champions.

Keeping with the summer theme, which is champions, I wanted to select a photo of the teams celebration as well as my favorite player and captain of the Capitals, Alex Ovechkin.

I found a photo of Ovechkin skating around with the cup during his first few moments of hoisting the trophy. I wanted to alter the color of the original to represent the Capitals slogan which is, “Rock the Red”. Using a photo-shop app on my phone i altered the colors of thee photo by giving it a red tint as well as highlighting and brightening up the image.

Here is the original image.
Here is the photo-shopped image.

Overall I found this task and assignment to be the most relaxing as I was able to take 10 minutes and peacefully alter and change a photograph that upon looking at brings up fantastic memories.


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