PhotoBlitzer and Weekly Summary

For this assignment we were tasked with taking photographs during a 20 minute period. We were given prompts and then instructed to take a photo representing said prompt. The overall experience and assignment was fun and really made me feel like a mad man on a mission to capture awesome pictures, limited to my house however. Down below are the several photos I took over the course of roughly 20 plus minutes. I will provide the prompt for each photo.

When I started the assignment.

An item that makes me feel old.

Zooming in on a light to give it a blinding effect.

A shadow of something, you aren’t suppose to be able to make out what it is.

A door handle and knob.

An action figure in action.

My study habits.

My Nose.

An object hidden in a group of others.

Representing Death.

My favorite color.

Something Wooden.

Something Blue.

Something connected.

Final time stamp.

Overall this was a fun and engaging activity and I had a great time doing it. It was challenging sometimes to find Items and objects that represented the prompts given. In the end I think it turned out extremely well.

Weekly summary: This week was an interesting one. I read a bunch of new material on photography and how one can become a better photographer. The information was informative and I took a lot away from the material. That summary on the readings and how I apply photography to myself can be found here. In addition to the readings I also analyzed the Film It and took screenshots from scenes and analyzed them and how they related to certain terms and techniques in the world of photography and the previous readings. That post can be found here.

I also used my character in a collage activity which I had an awesome time doing so. I scavenged online to find photos that represented my hockey playing vigilante. That collage can be found here. In addition to that I completed three visual assignments this week. One in which I told one of my favorite stories ever using five photos that depicted the series of events. That post can be viewed here. The second activity was taking a photo of something that appeared myth like and odd. I took a photo of my cat and made it seem as though it was a picture of Bigfoot. That interesting post can be found here. The final activity I discussed my future dream car and current car of my created character. I discussed why the car appealed to me and why my character uses said vehicle. Come view Rockets Car here.

I also completed three daily creates this week.The first daily create was taking a photograph of old memes, before cellphones became a huge thing. I decided a calculator created the best memes in the age of no tech. That post can be found here.

The second Daily create was talk like a pirate day. I decided to post a quote from my favorite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, arr. That post can be found here.

The final daily create was recording a creepy sound. I was at the gym during this and thought the treadmill I was running on made a strange creepy noise when elevated at a certain height. I captured the creepiness and that can be found here.

Overall the week was fun, engaging and creative. I had a fun time incorporating my character and even found myself enjoying the daily creates. I am looking forward to week five which is my groups week, audio.

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