Radio Progress Report

Over the course of the next two weeks my group has been tasked with organizing and producing our very radio show. So far this first week has been mostly organizing and brainstorming potential ideas and scheduling times for the recording which will be recorded next week. Originally I had the idea of speaking on something we are all passionate about and in doing that incorporating our created characters along the way. After discussing this idea with the group a few of us felt this was a good route to take with a few others offering other suggestions. It seems like the availability for everyone is good as were all available around noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For the next few days our group will further generate ideas and hopefully by the beginning of the weekend have something cemented and planned. Until then I will be designing and brainstorming different commercial ideas and designs for our program. The experience should go smooth and the overall production should be engaging and entertaining.

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