Rocket and Sportsmanship

Have you ever seen a billboard promoting either a product, film or even a public service announcement and thought to yourself, “I can do better than that”. Well that’s exactly what I thought as I was able to create my very own billboard thanks to the awesome website PassItOn. The site allowed me to use a template and create my very own public service announcement. For this activity I wanted to once incorporate my created character, Rocket Richard. To do this a began brainstorming ideas of how I could create a public service announcement around the character. I thought of the traits and values Rocket exemplifies and settled in on sportsmanship, as this also pertains to hockey. The billboard features Rocket displaying sportsmanship qualities with fellow NHL players as well as large text that shows the boards overall meaning. The activity was fun and the process of creating it was fairly easy, minus the brainstorming. Overall I like the template I used and I am happy with the way mine turned out, as I could see something similar in real life.

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