Rocket Richard in Collage Form

Out of the two assignment options I found the collage assignment to be the most doable and relatable in regards to my character. The character Rocket Richard represents courage, strength, perseverance and hope. My character is one who grew up in tough circumstances and with the help of powers bestowed upon him he prevailed. He uses his gifts for good and rewards those and protects those who are in need of his service. In addition to helping those in need he is one of the greatest hockey players in the world, he plays hockey as a means of cover and money in which he uses on the less fortunate. The collage I created represents what he stands for and the tools he uses during his daily life. The collage is a mixture of sport and vigilante behavior. The site I used to create the collage is a free to use site called BeFunky, it is an easy to use site and I really recommend it to anyone who enjoys making collages.

Overall I found the assignment rather enjoyable and really fun in regards to incorporating my character into it. It was really fun digging around online and really thinking about what images really represented my character.

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