Scene Breakdown: The Walking Dead

This weeks focus was all about reading film and scenes. When I first looked at the title of this weeks focus I was unsure of how I would go about breaking down a scene. I initially thought I was suppose to describe a scenes plot or characters however after I watched a few helpful videos published on YouTube by user Every Frame A Painting, I was able to figure out exactly what it meant to breakdown a scene. Its really crazy to think about how much goes into each scene and how every element plays or signifies a particular theme or emotion. The videos were extremely helpful, especially the one based on the scene from the Silence of the Lambs, which I felt linked a lot to the scene I was going to analyze. The scene I selected was one of my favorite scenes of all time, a scene from AMC’s The Walking Dead in which the main villain Negan is introduced to Rick Grimes and his group. The scenes shows Rick, who before thought his group could take on any challenge and wasn’t afraid of anyone, coming face to face with a threat that even he could not match up to, at least at the particular time. The scene represents a shift in power in the show as our main protagonist Rick loses his power to the new antagonist Negan. It was really fun analyzing this scene as I got to dive deeper into what actually makes this scene work so well and how every element create such an amazing and tense filled scene.

Link to Video Here.

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