The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Rocket Richard

Ever since I was a kid Ive been fascinated with hockey. To this day I love watching, playing and talking about the sport. Ive always been intrigued by sports lore and thought this “character creations assignment” would be the perfect time to indulge in my love for the game and experiment with the mystery and lore revolving around some of the sports biggest players and craziest moments. The character I am creating is known as Rocket Richard. This character pays homage to a real former NHL player named Maurice Richard, who was given the nickname, Rocket Richard, due to his goal scoring talents. I think that creating this fictitious folklore and myth around this character would be an interesting take and would allow me to engage creatively in hockey and storytelling.

Rocket Richard was born in Cape Canaveral, Florida, near the Kennedy Space Center(NASA). As a young boy Rocket lived a difficult life. During his childhood he was known as a loner and many of the local children bullied and harassed him to the point where young Rocket hated leaving home. At home Rocket lived with his mother, Stacy, and his Father, Bill. His mother worked at a beauty salon and his father worked at NASA launching and experimenting with Rockets. Due to his fathers workload Rocket rarely saw his father, however when they did spend time together the the two enjoyed watching and playing hockey together. Hockey was a way for Rocket and his father to bond and a way for Rocket to escape reality. At around the age of eight Rockets father signed him up for a local hockey club. Rocket was extremely excited to finally be able to play the game he and his father loved so much. Although the passion was there the talent was not and Rocket rarely saw playing time. To make matters worse Rockets father died not to long after Rocket began playing hockey. After his fathers death Rocket would frequently sneak onto the Rocket launching site as it made him feel closer to his father. One night though something happened while visiting the site and Rockets life would change forever. While watching the test rockets something detached from the rocket, something liquid based and glowing, and it struck Rocket. He later awoke feeling strange but not reporting the incident fearing he would get in trouble for trespassing. As the weeks went on Rocket began getting stronger, faster and more alert. Whatever feel from that rocket gave Rocket extraordinary powers. He quickly returned to hockey wondering if these new features would make him any better at hockey. Once returning he noticed he could score loads of goals, hit extremely hard and could fly along the ice. He would use these new skills to eventually make it to the NHL and become a star on….. and off the ice.

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