The Perseverance of Alex Ovechkin

If you watch professional hockey or live in the DMV area you’ve probably heard of Alex Ovechkin. He is a 14 year veteran and captain of the Washington Capitals. Throughout his 14 year career Ovechkin has placed himself along the greatest players to ever play the game. He has won several individual awards and has helped create a standard of regular season success in Washington. Prior to the spring of 2018 the Washington Capitals had never won the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup. During the time Ovechkin has played on the Capitals, Known as the Ovie Era, the teams he led were almost always at the top of the standings and were annual Stanley Cup favorites. However ever spring the team would find new and excruciating ways to come up short in the postseason. Experts and the media would look at the teams failures and place large amounts of the blame on Ovechkin. They would make claims that he would never win a championship and that he wasn’t capable of achieving such a goal. Although he had the world against him he and his teammates kept working and finally broke through to secure the franchises and Ovechkin’s first Stanley Cup. Due to his perseverance he was able to achieve his ultimate goal and because of that I felt that his story would be perfect for this particular assignment. For this task I was instructed to create a motivational poster of my liking. I found a great website that allowed me to create one using a template that the site provided. The site and that template can be found here. I think that the over message and story I used for my poster worked out well and I think overall it turned out great.

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