The Rocket Richard Movie

For this assignment I had to design, edit and produce a movie trailer for my created character Rocket Richard. Basically this trailer is for an origin film for the character, so in it I used a lot of scenes that depicted his early years and scenes that shaped his character. For this I used scenes from a handful of feature films, which I cited at the end of my trailer, and combined them to tell one giant story. The story starts out showing Rocket as a young child with his parents. It then shows how as a young child he was bullied and harassed. The trailer continues through his early years showing him playing hockey and taking a fishing trip with his father, who works at NASA. Early in the trailer we see Rockets father pass away in a car accident and how it shapes Rockets character. We then see a rocket launch accident which Rocket is attending and something from the crash affects Rocket. From this he gains powers which he uses to play professional hockey and use the money to fuel his vigilante life style. There were a lot of creative choices in this trailer, I had to do a lot of searching to find scenes and scenes with similar looking actors. Once I found the scenes I wanted I already had a vision in my head of how they would play out so editing was a cake walk. If notice there are a lot of Easter eggs in the trailer from previous posts Ive made about him, one of which being his Chevelle SS at the end of the trailer. Overall I had a blast with this assignment and I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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