Week 1 Blog and summary

The theme we’re covering this semester, legend, myth and folklore, is an interesting and exciting one. The idea and concepts behind myth’s and legends are extensive and typically fleshed out. Currently in today’s world of film a lot of literature and ideas involving these themes are being created and introduced into the medium of film. Examples of this would include films focusing on slenderman, surviving megalodons, Bigfoot and much more. These concepts are generally seen more in the horror community and typically focus on the supernatural aspects of folklore and legends. I think there are many places we can go with this theme and I am excited to see what we can accomplish this semester. Some of the ideas I had were possibly focusing on supernatural and mythical creatures and creating a database with information regarding each topic. While these themes are typically fictional I think acting as tough they are real would be an interesting concept and persona.

First week summary:

The first week as been an interesting and exciting one. Ive been pretty busy juggling my work and school but overall its been a good experience. Outside of work and school Ive been recovering from ACL surgery after tearing it during a soccer game. This has kept me in the gym during my free time and I’m fairly close to returning to sports. I’m looking froward to this class and its inclusion of social media interaction.

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