Week 10 Summary

This week was probably my favorite week yet. I love everything involving film and video editing and this week allowed me the opportunity to indulge in those two passions. I had a lot of previous knowledge when it came to video editing so this week wasn’t too difficult. The only thing I disliked was the upload times, it took forever to upload my assignments on YouTube and Vimeo. This week we really looked into the components of scenes and how specific elements trigger emotions and how specific aspects represent certain themes. I actually enjoyed watching the recommended videos this week as they really informed me on a lot of great information in regards to film making. This week I ended doing my very own scene analysis on one of my favorite scenes from the Walking Dead. The link to my video essay can be found here.

The majority of assignments this week involved video editing so I had an awesome time doing that, I tried involving my passions into everyone I created. the first was a Big Daddy movie breakdown in which I discuss the films plot and characters. The second assignment found myslef combining a scene from the Walking Dead with a rock song that just so happened to fit smoothly with what was going on. Finally the third and final assignment involved me taking a clip from the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup celebration and reversing and altering it to make it seem odd and off putting.

Big Daddy Breakdown

Walking dead/Song Mashup

Washington Capitals in Slow Motion

It wouldn’t be Halloween week if the daily creates didn’t incorporate the holiday festivals. This weeks daily creates can be found here.

Overall this week was awesome, I truly enjoy film and I had a great time creating and editing different forms of film.


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