Week 11 Summary

For this week we again stayed with video production as our theme, basically the in’s and out’s of the world of film and production. I for one am a person who loves film and video editing so this week was again a blast, however the download and upload time really drags out some of the assignments. For this weeks daily creates we went on a personal trip to the future as well as a return trip to the past as we looked back on some memories and looked forward to creating new ones. The breakdown of this weeks daily creates can be found here.

The assignments this week were also great as I got to once again create and edit together some awesome videos. I created a fake propaganda video revolving around war and fighting for our country. I created a trailer for my created character Rocket Richard which allows you to get a glimpse at his origin story. Finally I got to swede a scene from one of my favorite childhood movies, the Goonies. I edited and altered the Truffle Shuffle scene using one of my coworkers. In all I enjoyed of the assignments this week and hopefully I’ll get another chance to create and produce videos.

Truffle Shuffle

Propaganda Video

Rocket Richard Trailer

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