Week 12 Summary

This week was a little hectic as my internet provider Comcast was frequently on and off again throughout the week. However once the internet was restored I was able to roll through the work mostly because I had it mapped out and finished while the internet was down allowing me the ability to simply post once it came back on. For the daily creates this week I got to be creative and create some interesting images of cats and dogs raining as well as looking up some former Capital players. The link for this weeks daily creates can be found here.

For this weeks main theme we had to create a tutorial of something we either struggled with or enjoyed doing from this semesters work. I ended up providing a tutorial on one of the assignments I created and participated in, spoiling a movies plot. I enjoyed this assignment and thought that others might struggle with it because there are a lot of moving parts in the assignment. My tutorial breaks down the steps of preparing and organizing the process of the assignment and provides helpful sources for further information. The link to the tutorial can be found here.

The assignments this week focused on mash-ups. For mine I tried to stay with the theme of Photoshop, since I started my free 7-day trial with Adobe Photoshop, I wanted to get my trials worth. My assignments stayed with the theme of mashing up characters and scenes from different movies or shows. I ended up combining the film Jaws with the film Titanic, I placed Marty Mcfly in the Fast and Furious universe and I further indulged in my sports addiction by combining my favorite teams. I had blast doing all of the mashup assignments and they really helped my learn more about Photoshop and visual arts.


Marty Mcfly/Fast and Furious

Favorite sports teams mashup

The last section of this weeks assignments probably allowed the class to be the most creative yet. The remix section allowed us to select an assignment and then randomly mix it with another assignment making a brand new and unique take on an assignment. In this I combined my character both times by adding him in a voting campaign image, also giving him a stache, and I to a trip to the past and revisited his car lust post and gave him a ride along partner in Waldo. Both of the remix assignments were fun and it was exciting to see what the assignment I selected would be remixed with.

Rocket voting ad/stache remix

Car lust/Waldo remix

Overall it was a great week for creativity and I loved being able to indulge in some of my favorite themes this week.

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