Week 3: Blog and Summary

This past week was a very interesting one being the hurricane we were expected to get. However even we were hit by minor setbacks everything went fairly smooth. The readings and videos for this week were very informative and enlightened me a lot on the topics of themes, myths and storytelling in the modern world. I did a brief summary on those readings and also compared what I learned from the readings to one of my favorite stories, The Walking Dead. During that exercise I discussed why I enjoyed the story, what the story did well, what it didn’t, the characters, the themes and pretty much summarized what aspects tie into week threes readings. You can find all of that information on the readings as well as The Walking Dead summary here.

The best part about this week was the exercise involving the creation of our own character. Over the course of this exercise I created the character Rocket Richard and provided him with a backstory and open-ended inclusion for a future stories. I provided the character with a mythology and lore as well as discussed in later assignments, his characteristics and traits. Overall I had a blast doing this particular assignment and loved incorporating the character in other activities.  You can find a full right up on my Rocket Richard here.

For the writing assignments I really wanted to Incorporated my character into the majority of them, if not all. I found two really interesting assignments that gave me the capability to do so in way I found engaging and creative. The first assignment I selected was one in which I was tasked with creating a brief summary of a movie using only gifs. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to flesh my character out even more by actually showing physical scenes and images. This gave me a lot of creative options as I used the site Giphy to find gifs from movies and shows. I found ones that represented my characters backstory and then linked in order providing brief summaries for each. I was extremely happy with the outcome and I believe the gifs I used captured my characters story. You can find my GIF story here.The second assignment was one in which I fleshed out my character even more by given him a proper backstory as well as traits, characteristics and occupations. I found this one important because I was able to create a brief wiki page for my character making him feel even more real. That work and summary can be found here.

The daily creates for this week were creative and fun and I found myself looking forward to each new one. The first daily create was on 9/11 and I was to post a GIF in remembrance of the awful tragedy that occurred that day. That daily create can be found here.

The second daily create was creating a badge for anyone or anything. I decided to make a page for my favorite movie of all time, 1978’s Halloween. It was the first horror movie I ever saw and it immediately became my favorite. I am also looking forward to seeing the new movie coming out in the theaters this October. That create can be found here.

My final daily create was somewhat of a lucky occurrence story. So over the weekend I went down to West Virginia University to see some friends. While down there I was looking at my daily create list to see what daily create was assignment. I saw that it involved food art and while reading it I happened to see a waffle maker that made art o the waffle. I thought that it would be perfect for the daily create. Very spontaneous. Link here.

Overall I found this week to be very creative and engaging. I love storytelling and creating new characters and even discussing old ones. The readings really got me thinking about what makes a good story and how to get an audience engaged. the assignments and creates were also very fun and helped me flesh out my character even more. Overall it was a great week and I look forward to the next one.


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