Week 7 Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates involved creating memes, photo shopping images and looking at some of the worst jobs imaginable. The process of creating and producing these creates this week was fairly simple and quick. Unlike last weeks creates I found these to be a little less design based and more or less entertaining in my opinion. However I always have a short amount of fun each day creating these creates and this week was no different.

Daily Create 1: The first daily create I participated in this week involved me adding to an already ever changing image. The starter image was given to the class in which we were then instructed to add or alter the image. This was a chain effect as each person was to add to the image previously altered by the person before them. When the image got to me I added Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson to the image because why not.

Daily Create 2: the second daily created I did was basically a research type of assignment in which I had to post the worst job in the world, fictional or non, and describe the process of the job. For this I looked up some pretty awful jobs and settled on one that I didn’t even no existed which is a animal food taster. Even as I am writing this I still cant believe that this is a real occupation.

Daily Create 3: The last daily create I produced this week was a meme revolving around what appears to be a depressed clown. As soon as I saw the image I thought of the famous clown from Stephen Kings It, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, however I saw a lot of posts involving this character and wanted to do something unique. I settled on a meme revolving around alcoholism and I think the meme fits perfectly with the image.

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