Week 7 Summary

This week was not the greatest in regards to my blogging experience as I had several difficulties uploading and accessing my site. Ultimately tough I was able to eventually get everything done and uploaded properly even though this guy kept popping up.

I guess I’ll first start off by recapping my weeks work. This week I completed three daily creates all similar but slightly different in their own ways. The creates involved meme creation, light research on the job market and a fun little chain meme the class collaborated on. A more thorough assessment can be found here if you’re interested.

This weeks major standout was probably the radio group assignment that my colleagues and myself will collaborate on this upcoming week. To summarize the assignment we will be creating a short radio podcast involving our created characters which should allow them to become even more fleshed out. To get a more detailed plan on what Ive been doing and what I’ll be doing in regards to this assignment click here.

Keeping in line with the radio show we all created a bumper/poster/logo which could possibly be used for our program. You can check out my design here.

Lastly this week involved me completing three audio assignments which I absolutely loved. In all I ended up creating two songs and and one Halloween themed beat. I actually really enjoyed the assignments this week and I think they turned out really interesting and Id really recommend a listen.

Halloween Beat

Rapper Collaboration

Radio music

Overall I think the week went really well minus the issues my site experienced. I guess the one positive thing I gathered from this week was the knowledge of solving a server 500 error message on WordPress.


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