Week Five Daily Creates

For this weeks daily creates I created three interesting posts on twitter consisting of videos, pictures and mashups. This weeks daily creates was probably my favorite because I was able to interoperate film and my passions into the posts.

Daily Create 1: This was an indication of when I was born. I decided to post a popular film poster from that year which is why I selected Bad Boys as my post. BTW it came out in 1995.

Daily Create 2: This was my favorite from this weeks daily creates. I had to combine a story and a band name to create a new combo of the two. For this I combined my favorite novel with one of the most popular bands of all time. I give you “KISS IT”.

Daily Create 3: For this create I filmed something I am addicted to. If any of you are like me you know how important video games are. I love playing and watching YouTube on my Xbox One and I always find myself on it when I’m bored or its late at night.

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