Week Five Summary

This week was my week, audio, and I had a blast doing the assignments and listening to the radio as well as the videos we were instructed to watch. I found the information from the videos to be really eye opening. We really don’t realize how important sound truly is to the experience of life and story. Audio plays a large role in our lives. Its honestly the most important thing in film and in stories because it really fleshes out scenes and events. From background music to sound effects it all enhances the experience of story.

Luckily for me I already had audacity and logic installed and I am familiar with both software’s.  I was able to really experiment with audio this week due to me being able to bypass the whole learning curve of audio software.

This weeks daily creates were really fun and engaging. I had a fun time incorporating film and music with my posts as well as mixing and matching certain things. The link that goes way more depth about those daily creates can be found here.

The Radio bumper activity was really fun and engaging. It was fun brainstorming ideas for what I would say and how I would say it. That bumper can be found here.

The assignments this week were really fun and creative as I created a song using sound effects and used sound files to create a new sound effect which I interpret as a Star Wars Laser.Both of these activities I had a ball doing and I think all three turned out to be very unique and creative. Overall I am happy with how they all turned out.

This week we were also instructed to listen to the ds106 radio show and I had a great time tuning in. Especially on long road trips to soccer games. The review of the shows can be found here.

The last assignment and probably my favorite assignment I did was the create a story using sound effects. I genuinely had a great time doing this. I spent a great deal of time looking through different files trying to find the perfect sounds I needed to tell my story. I ended using this assignment to incorporate my character into as I wanted to flesh out his back story more and this was the perfect opportunity. The link to the audio file and blog post can be found here.

To top off the week we had to brainstorm different ideas about our radio programming and I think I came up with two solid ideas that I think would make for an interesting thirty minute radio segment. A more detailed brainstorm can be found here.

Overall I loved this weeks focus on audio. I previously took several audio creating and editing classes and this allowed me to apply what Ive learned to my assignments. I loved being able to create and edit new types of audio and really enjoyed being able to tell stories solely through audio. Honestly this was the best week yet and I look forward to incorporating more audio in future assignments.

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