Week Six Daily Creates

This week we really focused on design and the principles and techniques that correspond with it. This weeks daily creates that I participated in focused heavily on design, mostly photo editing. The three that I created involved incorporating images into scenes or backgrounds that they might not normally be in. I had a really fun time this week with the daily creates as they allowed me to play around with Photoshop software.

Daily Create one: For the first daily create we had to take a television show from the past and incorporate ourselves into the show. For this I used a poster from the television show 21 Jump Street and placed a head shot of myself over one of the actors. I used snap chat for this photo editing and I think it turned out fairly funny.

Daily Create Two: The second create was changing the marshmallow man from the film Ghostbusters into something else. For this I decided to edit in my childhood idol and hero Alex Ovechkin hoisting his first, and the Washington Capitals first ever Stanley Cup.

Daily Create Three: The third and final create for this week found me finding a new commercial/clip for Dunkin Donuts, or the newly improved “Dunkin”. I saw a funny clip of someone getting dunked in a dunk tank and felt that a company with the name Dunkin could possibly use a clip similar to this.


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