Week Six Summary

This week was an extremely fun week. I got to read a lot of interesting literature on the world of design and it really shed light on how important design really is. A write up of my literature review for this week can be found here.

This week also introduced a new photo Blitz in which I got to capture photos from my local grocery store and determine which design concepts they represented. A link to that post can be found here.

The daily creates for this week were also extremely fun as I was able to place myself and others into odd and strange settings through Photoshop. Those creates can be viewed here.

The assignments this week were also really fun as they allowed me to incorporate my created character into a few of them. I didn’t find any of them extremely challenging I actually found them to be stimulating and relaxing. The post for those assignments can be found below.

  1. Hockey in Space
  2. Rocket and Sportsmanship
  3. The Perseverance of Alex Ovechkin

All in all this week was extremely fun and it really allowed me to look at the power of design in new and interesting ways. All of the activities and assignments I enjoyed and I hope everyone likes the work I completed this week.

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