Week Two: Blog and Summary

Do you wanna know how to create the best blog ever? Do you need advice on how to be a blog master?

If you answered yes, which I did, then you need to check out Alan Levine’s post, How To Write Up Assignments Like a Blogging Champ.

Looking over Levine’s post was my first task this week and it was extremely informative and helpful in creating and crafting this weeks posts. There was a lot of insightful tips that I found useful throughout the post that helped shed light on the setup and closure of a blog post.There was also information about incorporating hyperlinks and outside information into your blog that I found insightful. If anyone needs future help with creating well crafted and typed blog then I strongly suggest giving Levine’s post a read.

After spending some time reading and looking over Levine’s post, I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out which assignment I wanted to create. For those of you unaware, all ds106 students were scheduled and sorted into groups representing the units we would be studying and analyzing in future lessons. I luckily was sorted into the audio group as I have taken two previous music tech courses at the University of Mary Washington so I already have a decent amount of knowledge on the topic. While trying to brainstorm an idea for an assignment I happened to stumble across one of my old projects I had completed in my audio recording class. The project involved taking a Donald Trump speech and cutting and splicing it in any way we wanted. This project gave me the idea for my assignment as I could easily tie it in with our theme for the course; myth, legend and folklore. My assignment idea would have participants taking audio files pertaining to our theme, be it stories or creepy noises, and altering them in anyway they wanted. This would allow students to follow the guidelines of the theme but would also allow for endless creativity.  If anyone is interested in checking my assignment out you can access it here under its assignment name “Speech and Story audio Distortion“.

One of the biggest aspects of this class is to constantly be in a state of digital creativity, whether its creating a blog post, tweeting an image or uploading a YouTube video, creativity should always be on the mind. Making sure that our creative juices stayed flowing we were given daily tasks in which each day represented a new and exciting task, each one different from the previous. The list of these weekly tasks can be found here at The Daily Create.


The first task I selected was probably my favorite of the three I completed as it dealt with audio. The task instructed us to record a knocking sound, in efforts to make a creepy or strange audio file. Once recorded we were to upload it to our social media accounts to hare with the class. For my audio file I wanted to make it odd and strange, I wanted to give a horror movie type sound. I started playing around with different types of knocks until I settled with a scratchy, slow and patchy knocking sound. I also used a fan to create a nit of atmosphere as I was knocking away at my door. I wanted to create the sense that someone was at the door but you didn’t know who or what there intentions were. You can listen for yourself by clicking the play button below or visiting my soundcloud. 

The second daily create I participated in involved taking a picture that captured two of the same objects or things. For this one it took a lot of thing because I didn’t wanna just throw two books together and call it a day, I wanted to capture something outside of my home that wasn’t created or altered by me. Luckily I was at the gym around the time I checked to see what the daily creates instructions were and I was able to snap a picture of two bicycle machines that my friend and I had been using prior to my picture. I like to think this picture was creative as it incorporates one of my hobbies and was spontaneous.

Daily Create #2
check out my twitter @FaulconerKyle

Finally my last daily create was being able to draw an extremely small object as small as I possibly could. Being that summer just passed shark week is still on my mind so I wanted to channel those shark thoughts and put them towards this particular drawing assignment. This task was a tad challenging because for one I’m not a very good artist to begin with and two drawing small makes everything look the same. This one took me a few tries but I was finally able to create a picture that was identifiable, at least to me. Again keeping in the spirit of shark week I decided to draw a shark breaching water attacking a seal. Overall the shark wasn’t terribly difficult to draw it was the turtle that I had issues with. Here is a look at my drawing below.

The super small shark I decided to draw.

You can find all of my daily creates by visiting my twitter page here.

After completing all of the daily creates I decided to turn my attention to the activities we were instructed to complete. Below are links to the three activities I selected as well as why selected them and the process of completing them. These activities were overall enjoyable and really got me thinking creative.

  1. Call me Doodle Bob
  2. Lets Repeat Stuff
  3. Photo-Shopping a Stanley Cup Champion

Finally I decided to update my site a little bit. I changed the name around to show my interests in sports as well as changed the header of the page to represent my passion for hockey and the Washington Capitals. Being that Ive had this site for almost a year now Ive pretty much got it to where I want it to be, visually speaking. In regards to participation I was constantly checking out twitter and slack while posting comments.

Summary: Overall I thought this week went by way easier and more efficiently than the first week as I’m becoming more familiar with the format and media we are using. I decided to start way earlier this time as well to give myself the necessary time to complete all the assignments to the best of my ability. The daily creates i found the most enjoyable because they gave me something to do each day that involved social media and being creative. The process of updating my site was also enjoyable as I got to freshen it up to more of my liking.Overall great week and I will look fondly of week two and forward to week three.





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